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Sahajan is Credo’s Ayurveda skincare line. Inspirited by the Ayurveda doctors from southern India in the state of Kerala. Sahajan offers effective formulations, using traditional remedies to treat modern stresses on skin and hair. Ayurveda is a philosophy and a practice for balancing the body and mind. In India, people regularly visit Ayurvedic doctors and hospitals, using plant-based medicine, diet, yoga, and meditation to restore health. Ayurveda seeks to understand an individual’s unique needs, achieving wellness through balancing the elements of everyday life.

  • Discovery Kit


    Discovery Kit

    $ 70.00
  • Nourish Face Cream


    Nourish Face Cream

    $ 60.00
  • Nurture Hair Oil


    Nurture Hair Oil

    $ 50.00
  • Protective Face Serum
  • Restorative Eye Cream
  • Ritual Body Oil


    Ritual Body Oil

    $ 55.00

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