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Skin & Bones is an organic-luxury house focused on healing the skin, body and soul by restoring energy and renewing the realness within.

After learning about the amazing healing powers of essential oils at a sweat lodge, founder Heidi began blending potions at home in an attempt to find the perfect natural nourishment for the skin. She relied on her intuition, as well as lessons from Native American medicine, to challenge the belief that only a science lab could create a product that truly worked.

Suddenly, when strangers began commenting on her skin’s remarkable glow and scent, she knew she had created something special. And so Skin & Bones was born.

  • Luxurious Cleanser

    Skin + Bones

    Luxurious Cleanser

    $ 42.00
  • Luxurious Moisturizer

    Skin + Bones

    Luxurious Moisturizer

    $ 76.00
  • Luxurious Salve

    Skin + Bones

    Luxurious Salve

    $ 36.00

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