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Know that True Organic of Sweden was created because of a need to make natural skincare products with a few ingredients as possible to achieve results. Tina de Sousa, founder of True Organic of Sweden recognized that the food we eat as a direct link to our health and that then brought her to understand the importance of what we put in and put on our bodies is really important. Her two most popular products, Undercover Agent (roll on deodorant) and All You Need is Me are both 99% natural. The stylish packaging is made out of sugarcane and is completely recyclable.

  • All You Need Is Me

    True Organic of Sweden

    All You Need Is Me

    From $ 19.00 - $ 33.00
  • Face It Organic Serum

    True Organic of Sweden

    Face It Organic Serum

    $ 59.00
  • Undercover Agent

    True Organic of Sweden

    Undercover Agent

    $ 20.00

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