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Moroccan Rose Deodorant Stick
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Moroccan Rose Deodorant Stick

Lovefresh Moroccan Rose Deodorant Stick
3.6 oz

Lovefresh Moroccan Rose Deodorant Stick

This all-natural deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day long, we promise! By using this wonderful deodorant you will feel comfortable that you are not putting any harsh chemicals under a very *vulnerable* part of your body. It really, really works.

fair trade shea butter, coconut oil*, kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate (aluminum-free), emulsifying wax (coconut derived) and natural organic essential oils*. that's it.

Apply the deodorant to your underarm as needed, using up and down motions. The deodorant will adhere as you rub the stick over your skin.

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