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Kjaer Weis Smokey Eye


The change of seasons provides an opportunity to revamp your makeup. Fall and winter usually call for deeper tones and darker neutrals. Famed makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis has created a beautiful day-to-night look that suits the cooler months perfectly. With a new twist on the classic smokey eye, Kjaer Weis emphasizes the lower lash line. It’s subtle enough for daytime while providing a bit of drama, and balanced by a nude-pink flushed cheek and subtle lip color. “I always like to do a spin on a classic, altering it slightly so it steps away from being predictable or retro. An original/classic look is beautiful, but I wanted to have a modern, yet still flattering take on it," explains Kjaer Weis. "In this case, I love a smudged/smokey eye, but wanted to make it more daytime. I added color depth under the eye only by underlining it. I think it looks a little intriguing and unusual, yet very wearable."

To achieve this beautiful look, you’ll need four shadows: Cloud NineCharmed, Magnetic, and Divine. Begin by brushing Cloud Nine Eye over the entire eyelid, and along the lower lash line. Apply Charmed to the lower lid, pulling the color out just past the lower lashes. Line the lower lash line with the darker hued Magnetic. Blend Magnetic downward into Charmed, creating a smudgy, smokey effect. Repeat the process using the darkest color, Divine. Finish with Kjaer Weis Organic Mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Pro Tip: For best results, tap excess shadow from brushes. 

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