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Founder Faves: Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

We have searched near and far to curate an unparalleled lineup of artisan brands. Behind each and every one of these brands, is a passionate creator and innovator. In this series, our brand founders offer a glimpse into their beauty cabinets. 

Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty has been a makeup artist for over 20 years; her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and many other publications, on the faces of Gisele Bundchen, Zoe Saldana, and Miranda Kerr, among many others. Rose-Marie is also an outspoken advocate for women protecting themselves from the toxic chemicals found in products they use on their bodies daily.

“Several years ago, she began to experience some health issues... After an extensive series of tests, she learned that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals... as well as high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Rose-Marie was surprised when the technician asked if she worked in the cosmetics industry. Until then she had no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health issues. After years of rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie realized that she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. To achieve this goal she created RMS Beauty.” (excerpt from RMS bio).

We asked Rose-Marie what beauty products she uses. Here are some of her favorites: 

Makeup Essential: "RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved. The ultimate natural-looking red lip without being lipstick-y."

Hair care: "Dr Alkaitis Organic Shampoo. I have not been blessed in the hair department, and I’ve tried every natural shampoo out there. This is the best, hands down."

Facial Mask: “Dr. Alkaitis Organic Enzyme Mask. I usually find masks to be harsh but this one is my favorite.” 

Face Skincare: “RMS Beauty Oil and RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream!"

Makeup Remover: “Our Raw Coconut Cream is the best makeup remover ever!"

Wellness: “Intelligent Nutrients Sanitizer. I love this and always use it when I work with the models to clean my fingers”

Body Skincare: “Again, RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. It has so many uses."

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