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Founder Faves: Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics

We have searched near and far to curate an unparalleled lineup of artisan brands. Behind each and every one of these brands, is a passionate creator and innovator. In this series, our brand founders offer a glimpse into their beauty cabinets.

Dr. Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics practiced emergency medicine for nearly a decade before her obsession with “lotions and potions” led her in a different direction. The birth of Osmia Organics is rooted in Villafranco’s commitment to guiding people to make healthier choices. 

Now she shares some of her favorite skincare products.

In her own words: “I might have the world’s most sensitive, moody skin. I have perioral dermatitis and a few allergies, making skincare for my almost 42 year-old skin extra challenging, especially living in the mountains of dry Colorado. So, I keep it pretty minimal, and I stick to basics when my skin is being feisty. I love all my fellow green beauty brands, but tend to use mostly Osmia products, as my skin can be so reactive, and I know exactly how it will respond to my own products.”

Facial skincare: “I use Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap daily. It has been a mainstay in managing symptoms of perioral dermatitis for me, and rinses clean without drying my skin. I find that it removes makeup thoroughly as well.”

Toner: “When I need an extra layer of moisture, I use our with hyaluronic acid and Rose of Jericho extract. I also love pure hydrosols for toners – especially helichrysum and lavender.”

Masks: “Our Protein Exfoliating Mask is one of my favorites when I feel like my skin is dehydrated—I especially like it mixed with warm water and a touch of honey, and I keep it moist with a mineral water mist while it’s on my face.”

Body Skincare: “Osmia body oils are my favorite part of my skincare routine. I choose whichever one resonates with my mood that day and apply it to sopping wet skin. Then I shimmy around in my nudies for a few minutes while it soaks in, leaving me soft, sublimely scented, and feeling quite pampered.”

Hair: “I have enormous, thick hair that could hide a small family of birds. Maybe even a chipmunk.  I like the Acure line a lot, especially the Lemongrass Shampoo, and I’m dying to try Dr. Alkaitis next.”

Makeup: “On the rare occasions when I do spruce myself up a bit, I love the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Powder—I use it under my eyes, and to highlight cheekbones and brows. Plus, it makes me think of Shirley and James [W3LL People founders], who always make me smile."

Essential oils: Again, I tend to make my own blends, as I have access to all these gorgeous ingredients! But, I did smell Hope Gillerman’s Stress Remedy once, and I found it absolutely lovely.

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