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What to Eliminate from Your Beauty Cabinet Right Now

Your Beauty Cabinet Needs a Makeover

Thanks to mainstream press, a handful of harmful beauty ingredients have gotten the reputation they deserve, and as a result, we know to look for parabens, phthalates, BPA, and sodium lauryl sulfate so we can remove them from our beauty routine.

But what else is hiding in your beauty cabinet that could be harmful to your health?

Here’s a list of the 4 things you can and should remove right away, as well as their lovelier, healthier alternatives.

For more information about each of these items and a complete list of Dirty Ingredients we’ll NEVER carry at Credo Beauty, visit this page.

All-Star Products

Petroleum-free jelly

Sans[ceuticals] Lip Aid


Formaldehyde-free nail polish



Oxybenzone-free sunscreens

California Naturel
Coola Organic Sunscreen
Juice Beauty
Marie Veronique


Musk-free perfumes

Forager Botanicals
Lina Hanson
Pour Le Monde
Red Flower
Vered Organic Botanicals

In health,

Sitarani Palomar
Host of An Organic Conversation
Contributing Editor for Credo Beauty