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Safer, More Effective Shampoo

This Week's Clean Beauty Swap:


People are crazy for EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo. Why? Because it smells divine, produces a silky lather, and performs better than salon and drugstore brands.

Sound like a bold claim? Consider this:

Conventional shampoos usually create smoothness and shine with the addition of silicones, ingredients like dimethicone and cyclomethicone that make your hair shaft lay smooth by coating it. In actuality, these silicone coats prevent nutritive ingredients from penetrating your hair to make it healthier.

More concerning is that conventional shampoos often contain:

parabens, xenoestrogens that mimic estrogen in the body and have been found present in malignant breast tumors
sulfates which are implicated in skin irritations, allergic reactions, dermatitis, and dryness
EDTA which contains dangerous levels of dioxane, a by-product of manufacturing that is considered carcinogenic

Serious about health and hair repair? Swap your conventional shampoo with a luxury natural that deliversthe nutrients your hair really needs, like essential fatty acids and B vitamins.

In health,

Sitarani Palomar
Host ofAn Organic Conversation
Contributing Editor for Credo Beauty