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A Foundation Your Skin Will Love

This Week's Clean Beauty Swap:
Foundation Sticks

TheNarcissist Foundation Stick byW3LL PEOPLE was built to perform to top makeup artists’ standards. Just ask Shirley Pinkson, Makeup Guru of W3LL PEOPLE, who spent two decades shaping some of the biggest names in conventional beauty beforeco-founding a natural beauty brand. Her Foundation Stick needed to blend smoothly, last for hours, travel easily, and match a variety skin tones: all things she came to expect from foundation sticks of past conventional makeup artistry days.

What won’t you find in W3LL PEOPLE’s Narcissist Foundation Stick?

- Silicones, like Cetyl Dimethicone and Polymethylsilsesquioxane, which coat the skin and lead you to falsely believe it’s hydrated. In actuality, these synthetics do not moisturize your skin, rather they trap dirt and bacteria underneath it and deny your skin true hydration from natural sources
-Mineral oils and waxes, like Ozokerite, which a study published by the Journal of Women’s Health say may be the greatest measurable contaminant in the human body

What you will find?

- Organic Sunflower and Castor Oil for skin conditioning
-Aloe for healing and hydration
- Organic Green Tea for skin cell regeneration
- Chamomile for soothing irritated skin

Make a Clean Swap. Your skin will thank you today and for years to come.

Sitarani Palomar
Host ofAn Organic Conversation
Health & Lifestyle Editor for Credo

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