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Clean Beauty Carry-Ons

Traveling this Winter? Our 10 Must-Haves

Whether you love or hate to fly, this guide will get you through whatever travel you have planned this season. It’s particularly good for long-haul flights but equally restorative for road trips to visit family and friends so you arrive safely, feeling refreshed and looking your best.

1) Large Scarf or Sarong
Use this multi-tasking essential as a blanket, eye mask, or rolled up as a pillow.
Try:Modern Citizen Caro Textured Knit Wrap

2) Immune Booster
Travel with a powerful immune booster and cold-fighter like Grapefruit Seed Extract; just add 10-15 drops to your complimentary glass of orange juice.
Try:NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate

3) Waterless Cleansing on-the Go
Enough said.
Try:Yuni Instant Shower Sheets

4) Anti-Inflammatory Rub
Prevent inflammation and water retention in knees and ankles by rubbing on a lotion or gel with arnica while inflight.
Try:Yuni Muscle Recovery Gel

5) Mini Deodorant
After freshening up with a waterless cleanser, massage on a deodorant lotion that discreetly fits in your cosmetics bag.
Try:Osmia Organics Deodorant Cream

6) Makeup Remover & Moisturizing Serum
No one wants to arrive with raccoon eyes. Argan oil easily removes eye makeup and hydrates skin. Follow these simple steps: Dampen two cotton pads and place 4 drops of oil in the center of each. Hold cotton pads over eyes for 5 seconds and wipe away eye makeup. Repeat using a new cotton pad for foundation and lipstick. Massage extra argan oil into skin, if desired.
Try:Kahina Giving Beauty Travel Argan Oil

7) Hydrating Mist-On Toner
Keep your skin from getting dehydrated by spritzing a mist-on toner over face, neck, and décolletage every couple hours.
Try:MV Organic Skincare Travel Rose Hydrating Mist
(bonus tip: comes in non-breakable metal bottle)

8) Mattifying Powder
Absorb oil in hair and on skin with a mineral- and clay-based powder.
Try:W3LL PEOPLE Realist Mineral Setting Powder
(bonus tip: contains aloe so it doesn’t dry your skin)

9) Soothing Essential Oil
Clear your head, relax, and get some rest by inhaling a soothing essential oil like lavender or peppermint.
Try:H. Gillerman Organics Stress Remedy
(bonus tip: contains antibacterial oils to keep you healthy)

10) Highlighter
If you didn’t get any sleep on the plane, fake like you did.
Try:RMS Living Luminizer Highlighter

Sitarani Palomar
Host ofAn Organic Conversation
Health & Lifestyle Editor for Credo

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