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Ask Hannah: Best way to de-stress

Needing to de-stress?  Here are a few non-toxic, organic products to bring clean, natural, organic beauty to your relaxing bathtime routine.

Meet Hannah
Credo's clean beauty expert & licensed esthetician. She can answer anything from which ingredient does what to which lipstick shade is best for you. 

Q: I'm often exhausted after a long day of work, exercise and social/family commitments. What products are best to help me unwind and take care of myself when outside pressures keep piling on? - Chelsea, Colorado

Hannah: "When the going gets tough - the tough should turn to self-care. It is so important to nourish yourself when you've given all your energy to work, family, social life. Often, all it can take is setting aside an hour for some me-time. Here are a few of my favorite pampering products to calm your nerves, rejuvenate your skin, and relax your mind."


Detox Hot Bath | KAIA NATURALS | $12

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to draw a bath. Kaia Detox Hot Bath can be thrown into bath water to soothe sore muscles and draw toxins from congested skin. In two luscious varieties, turmeric and charcoal, you can customize the bath to suit your needs. 

 Body Scrub | BASD BODY CARE | $20

 While soaking, scrub down with Basd Coffee Body Scrub. This awakening, resurfacing scrub exfoliates and softens with coffee, coconut sugar and sweet almond oil. The scent is so delectable, you'll want to brew a mug each morning. 

Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask | St. TROPICA | $5

Nothing feels so lavish as a hot oil hair mask. St. Tropica Coconut Organic Hot Oil Hair Mask combines extra virgin coconut oil with proven superfoods like amla and green tea. Massage this into your scalp before bed and feel your worries melt away. 

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