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Ask Hannah: Blemish Prone - How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Blemishes

Blemish Prone Skin?
Meet Hannah
Credo's clean beauty expert & licensed esthetician. She can answer anything from which ingredient does what to which lipstick shade is best for you.
Q: What do I do when my blemish prone skin reacts to seasonal changes? - Lanny, North Carolina
Hannah: "Jet setters know all too well - changes in climate can wreak havoc on skin. Seasonal shifts can do their own damage, from extreme winter cold to summer's humid temps. Those who suffer from blemishes often struggle the most. Here are a few natural skincare products that can help keep you clear while mother nature makes up her mind."


Clarifying Cleanser  |  TATA HARPER |  $68

Tata Harper's Clarifying Cleanser is a refreshing gel cleanser that cools inflammation and balances the skin. A perfect choice for adult acne sufferers who may also experience anti-aging concerns, as it leaves the skin soft and not overly dry. 

Blemish Stick  |  INDIE LEE  |  $28

You can never go wrong with having a spot treatment in your arsenal. I love Indie Lee's Blemish Stick because it is discreet, totally clear, works quickly, and is easy to throw in a bag.

Intensive Repair Balm  |  TAMMY FENDER  |  $130

The urge to want to dry out a breakout with astringent products can do more harm than good. Tammy Fender's Intensive Repair Balm  is formulated to repair and restore skin while calming inflammation. This is a truly nourishing treatment for all skin types.

Love + Charcoal Mask  |  ONE LOVE ORGANICS  |  $49

Love + Charcoal Mask from One Love Organics is a silky charcoal mask with powerful detoxifying abilities. A favorite for when I am overdue for a mask and want to purify my skin in one fell swoop. 



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