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Ask Hannah: Winter Breakouts

Winter breakouts?

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Q: How do I treat breakouts during the winter without overly drying my skin? - Erica, California


Blemish Clearing Cleanser | JUICE BEAUTY | $22

Proper cleansing is important for cold weather breakouts. Over-stripping can lead to an over production of oil. This silky cleanser detoxifies with cherry fruit acids and lemon balm, and soothes with aloe, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

Blue Tansy Mask | HERBIVORE | $48

This gentle exfoliating mask uses a trifecta of acne fighters - AHAs, BHAs, and blue tansy to stop a breakout in its tracks. It's even suitable for sensitive skin types.

Clear Skin Advanced Serum | PROVINCE APOTHECARY | $76

Layering an acne-fighting serum beneath your moisturizer can be a seamless way to banish a breakout. This potent but gentle serum utilizes turmeric and neem for their purifying and anti-inflammatory abilities, bringing the skin back into harmony without drying.

Hs Clarifying Cream | ZYDERMA | $38

A unique blemish fighter uses elemental silver to zap bacteria and keep the skin's pH balance. This is a must-have for anyone with hormonal or cystic breakouts; it even helps with eczema. 

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