Beauty Q&A With Mel Douglas, Founder of the Black Women’s Yoga Collect - Credo
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Beauty Q&A With Mel Douglas, Founder of the Black Women’s Yoga Collective

Beauty Q&A With Mel Douglas, Founder of the Black Women’s Yoga Collective
Meet Mel Douglas, yogi, wellness advocate, Black Women’s Yoga Collective founder and one of Alo’s ambassadors. Mel shares about her routine, her sources of inspiration and most of all, the secret to her glow… Read on

1. Hi Mel! Tell us about yourself. 

    My name is Mel Douglas, I’m a Brooklyn native who now lives in Los Angeles with my pup Kenji and 100+ plant babies who remain unnamed for practicality reasons. I’m a yoga instructor, wellness advocate, and the founder of The Black Women’s Yoga Collective which is focused on increasing accessibility to wellness in underserved communities. I’m also a part of the Alo Yoga family - as an instructor, ambassador, and most recently one of the new faces of the June Pride Love is Love campaign! I consider myself an all around creative and love exploring the ways that being creative nurtures our wellness as people. 

    2. What is your morning routine? 

    I like to sleep with my journal on or near my bed so that it’s easy to grab when I wake up. I try to journal for a while and take my time setting intentions for the day before checking my phone. When I’m ready to start my day, I brush my teeth then head to the kitchen to start the kettle and do some stretches while the water boils. 

    While waiting for my French press coffee goodness to be ready I get dressed to walk my pup. Then I wash and moisturize my face with my Alo Glow Getter Face System, put on some Head-to-Toe Glow Oil, apply a little sunscreen, and am ready to head out. I like to take a travel mug of coffee and listen to podcasts while we go on a long walk around my neighborhood. Sometimes I call family or friends to catch up during that time too. 

    3. Who/what/where do you look for inspiration?

    Everyone, everything, everywhere. I believe that inspiration is in every single thing if you’re open to that being true and that the decision to allow yourself to be inspired is what makes it possible. I find inspiration in kids a lot, especially really young kids who are really freely themselves and connected with that.

    4. After over a year of quarantining and social distancing… What is the one thing you look forward to?

    I look forward to in-person teaching and practicing again! I really appreciate the way virtual programming made it possible for us all to stay connected but not being able to connect with the energy and breath in the room has been tough!

    5. What is your favorite Alo Glow product and why?

    The Magnesium Reset Mist Spray is the best. I practice hot power yoga which means I’m often pretty sore after practice and I love how the spray eases my muscle tension. Plus, it smells amazing.

    6. How do you unwind in the evening? 

    I like to take another long evening walk with my pup around sunset and just enjoy the beauty of that most days. I might hop on my mat for a bit of organic movement and journal some more about my day. When I’m ready for bed, I take a super hot shower with the Alo Glow Mega-C Body Wash then use some of the Magnesium Reset Spray afterwards to relieve any tension in my muscles from the day.