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Fall Beauty Trends to Watch | 2021 Edition

Fall Beauty Trends to Watch | 2021 Edition

By celebrity makeup artist and clean beauty expert Katey Denno  

Summer has come and gone… And we’re ready for cozy sweaters and graphic eyeliner! With the changing season and crisp-air vibe, there's no doubt that a shift toward fall beauty trends will emerge. But, what will these trends be? Here at Credo Beauty, we've got you covered. Check out these fall beauty trends that Katey is betting on for the upcoming season.

1. Lines drawn – however you like – around the eyes

Traditional eyeliner continues to reign supreme, and we encourage you to add a wing if that’s your thing. But regardless of how extended or upturned your line is, try this: swap out those traditional black and brown options for more colorful options. Try using your blue, purple, green, red, and turquoise eyeshadows with a tiny brush dipped in a drop of water, and don’t forget to use the sparkly ones for even more pizazz. If sparkle is your thing, Exa’s fun Light Show gel pigments are fantastic as liners, too. For those of you feeling bold, buy yourself PYT’s new Wingman Liquid Liner in Pick Up (Blue) and try your hand at a trendy line somewhere between your lash line and brow. (Confused? See below!) that we’re seeing so much of these days, or line your bottom lashes and do what’s being called a ‘reverse cat eye'. Need inspo? Here you go: 

PYT Wingman Liquid Liner in Pick Up


ILIA Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye tint in Mythic

Rituel de Fille Forbidden Lipstick in Carnal

More eye looks by Katey Denno THIS WAY! 

2. Stick Makeup is Timeless, but also TOTALLY NOW 

Formulations have come a long way, making these products more long-wear, bold (and varied) in color, and creamy as can be, giving them that second-skin finish. Applying makeup from a stick format is easy, quick, and has that element of childhood finger paint play - all things we love. Whether it’s your foundation, a cheek color, highlight, or bronzer, there are so many options to keep your application time down. Sticks are for both the seasoned professional and the “I never ever wear makeup, but those look like fun” –customer, and we appreciate you both, and everyone in between. 


Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick


Vapour Highlight Stick (new!)


Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush in Bichette

3. Shimmery Lids Take the Spotlight 

An all over wash of shimmery lid color is super in now, making it one of the fall makeup trends to watch. This fall beauty trend is something you can do straight from the tube, or with a brush, with expert precision, or fumbly fingers. There are so many options - from the richly pigmented eyeshadow shades of recently launched buttery-soft palettes from Athr Beauty, and the creamy potted eyeshadow powders (a very cool hybrid!) from Westman Atelier to the shimmer-packed 10-second wet liquid formulas from Kosas, the creamy, fast drying amazingly rich-in-color recipe that is called Exa Light Show, or the creamy subdued shades from Ilia, that you can apply directly to your lids from the wand inside the tube. No color is off limits, no amount of shimmer too intense, and don’t forget that you can apply one layer of color/shimmer for a subtle effect, but you can always go in with another layer (or color!) for more va-va-voom.

Exa Light Show Color Melts Foils and Sparklers (here on celebrity makeup artist @delinamedhin in shades Recess, Roller Rink and Dear Diary).


ATHR Moonlight Palette (NEW)


10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow
Kosas 10-second Eye Shadow
 (in Copper Halo)

4. Tinted Lip Balm for Everyone

When it comes to this lip product trend, please know that it goes equally well with a smokey eye and contoured cheek or a completely bare face… and it doesn’t matter if you’re a gloss-girl or a matte-man. I’m talking about the tinted lip balm, and it’s truly great for everyone for both everyday wear, and special occasions. It’s a product that soothes, hydrates, and heals, while imparting either a barely-there-hint of color, or a scooch more intensity, depending on how many swipes you apply. Lots of brands have them, which means a variety of textures and finishes to pick from (some are more emollient and glowier on your pout, some feel more waxy and stay put while others glide on like silk and will need to be reapplied in 2 hours) and IMHO, you can never have too many. See what I mean below:

Henne Luxury Lip Tint


Kosas LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm (new shades!)


Ilia Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm


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