Behind the Video - 70 Women Founders Get Together And It's Epic. - Credo
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Behind the Video - 70 Women Founders Get Together And It's Epic.

Behind the Video - 70 Women Founders Get Together And It's Epic.

While most industries are dominated by men in suits when it comes to leadership positions, we are thrilled to be part of the clean beauty movement – an industry handily dominated by strong, smart, amazing and dare we say, badass women…just like the products they’ve created and we are loving. In fact, we are beaming and proud to report that 90% of the brands at Credo are led by women founders or CEOs. 90%. It’s a good number.

So, in January, we at Credo decided this was worth an epic celebration and we hosted our first annual Clean Beauty Summit hosting 70 founders from all over the globe right here in San Francisco.

With so many of our lovely ladies in one place, we thought it was a great time to shoot an inspiring piece featuring our fabulous founders to officially launch our Women’s Campaign. The result? Completely inspiring, super interesting, and totally fun.

We called upon our favorite dancer/director, Redha, who Credo collaborated with last spring to create a video about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry. The results were powerful and it brought an important issue right where it belonged… straight into the spotlight. Redha is known for his blend of video, dance, and social justice messaging to “wake us up” or look at something in a new light.

So we asked our founders and CEOs to check their inhibitions at the door and join in to help create Redha’s masterpiece and more importantly, share his (and our) message.

Meet the Women on Top- our Clean Beauty Founders & CEOs.  We believe in beauty brands led by women, do you?


Thank you to all of them. And thanks for the laughs.


More about Redha:

RedhaRedha is a filmmaker and dancer who has gained remarkable traction on social media platforms. With an informal dance education nourished through his travels and interactions with dancers out of the studio, he has accrued over 50 different dance styles from across the globe. His recent entrepreneurial projects, including his company, Red is Dancing, and the YouTube channel, DotMove, have attracted over 43 million views and 128 thousand followers in the past year.

As a choreographer and filmmaker, Redha has created over 50 films in the form of viral videos, documentaries, short films, and ad campaigns.

Redha was born in Lyon, France as a third-generation Algerian immigrant. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY. He holds his family close, traveling around the globe with his daughter. Striving for the opportunity to pursue work with American dancers, networks, brands, and the burgeoning social media platforms, so he can continue to share his stories of positivity told through dance and film.

Check our first video: