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#credocrush vol 10

In our weekly series we introduce our latest obsessions straight from Credo HQ. 

Introducing this week's #credocrush featuring Sahajn, Innersense Organics, and Cocovit.

Protective Face Serum | SAHAJAN | $70
Why we’re crushing:
We’re totally into Sahajan’s Ayurvedic approach to skincare and the powerful ingredients that makeup this serum. It helps reduce scars and signs of aging, and protects against effects of sun, stress, and toxins.


I Create Lift Volumizing Foam | INNERSENSE ORGANICS | $28
Why we’re crushing:
This bottle of goodness doesn’t just help to volumize and texturize, we use it as a root refresher between washes. Soothing ingredients like honey, lavender and orange flower create a calming, peaceful scent that is the perfect start to the day!


Besan & Turmeric Polishing Grains | COCOVIT | $24
Why we’re crushing: 
We’ve known about the health benefits of consuming chickpeas (Besan) and turmeric for a long time, but did you know they are incredible for your skin too? By including them in your skincare regimen you’ll see a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion!

Do you have a #credocrush? Tell us below in the comments!