#credocrush vol 17 - Credo
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#credocrush vol 17

In our weekly series we introduce our latest obsessions straight from Credo HQ. 

Introducing this week's #credocrush featuring Osea, Kahina, and Spela.

Ocean Cleanser | OSEA | $44

Why we’re crushing:
Besides loving the way this cleanser looks on our shelf, the Ocean Cleanser is a Credo fam favorite because of the red algae that leaves our skin visibly refreshed, energized, and radiant.


Why we’re crushing:
We are well aware of the benefits of argan oil for all skin types, but what makes Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan Oil stand out is the commitment to sustainable sourcing. Kahina’s is sourced directly from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. The income from this work has sanitation, education, and other positive economic influences to the women of the co-ops.

Paint and Play Liquid Lipstick | SPELA | $18
Why we’re crushing:
We love a good bold lip and Spela’s liquid lipsticks check all the boxes: major color payoff all. day. long.

Do you have a #credocrush? Tell us below in the comments!