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#credocrush vol 33: Natural deodorants, masks & fragrances

What we’re wearing and loving before dashing out the door - a few more of our best natural skincare and beauty products! 

Juicy Bamboo Deodorant | KAIA NATURALS | $22
Why we’re crushing:
It’s like a juice cleanse for your underarms. This activated bamboo charcoal deodorant acts like a magnet, drawing out bacteria and toxins for a deep clean. Use for four weeks for a full underarm detox, then regularly use as a natural detox.


Moisture Mask | JANUARY LABS | $34
Why we’re crushing:
Moisture boosting superheroes hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and squalane (a powerful hydrating antioxidant) deliver healthy, radiant skin. Just ten minutes and you’ll see smoothing, plumping effects instantly. We carry this mask on planes for protection against dry cabin air. Also works as an overnight spot treatment.

Adventure Set | ELLIS BROOKLYN | $25
Why we’re crushing: 
Usually fragrance is a spritz and go situation, but this Adventure Set makes DIY signature scent totally foolproof. New York times writer Bee Shapiro made five single-note scents that mix, match, and layer for a fragrance that’s all your own; and more importantly, impossible to screw up.


Do you have a #credocrush? Tell us below in the comments!

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