#credocrush vol 9 - Credo
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#credocrush vol 9

In our weekly series we introduce our latest obsessions straight from Credo HQ. 

Introducing this week's #credocrush featuring Herbivore, Kypris, and RMS Beauty.

Moon Fruit Super Fruit Night Treatment| HERBIVORE | $58
Why we’re crushing:
We’re sucker for something naturally pretty and purple Indigo root powder gives this hydrating night treatment its color (not to mention being a natural anti-inflammatory).




Moonlight Catalyst | KYPRIS$77
Why we’re crushing:
All good things involving pumpkin enzymes and Hawaiian sea algae happen at night. While you snooze this herbal alternative to retinoid formulas works hard to lightly exfoliate your skin and replenish moisture.


Lunar Eye Polish | RMS BEAUTY | $28
Why we’re crushing:
A universally flattering champagne pear shade gives us a moonlight glow all day long.

Do you have a #credocrush? Tell us below in the comments!