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Founder Spotlight: Anabel Kindersley


How do you start your day? (focus on morning rituals and daily skincare routine?

The first thing I start the day with is a few yoga sun salutations, followed by a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Then after washing my face in cold water, I apply our new luxurious Frankincense Intense Lift Serum, followed by award-winning Frankincense Intense Cream.  At bedtime, I always remove my makeup using our Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser and then apply a more generous layer of Frankincense Intense Lift Serum, which helps to plump and rehydrate my skin whilst I sleep. 

Do you have any non-beauty rituals that make you feel good?

Walking my little dachshund, Dotty, through the woods! This helps me to get my thoughts in order before the day begins. And cooking, that always makes me feel grounded and happy. 

What do you love about running your own company?

That we do so many exciting things, and I can be involved in all of them!  At Neal’s Yard Remedies, we make such amazing certified organic and natural products, using the very best ingredients from farmers and growers all around the world, who we’ve built long-standing relationships with.  

Who/what do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from nature. We’re always looking to use botanicals which have a therapeutic benefit in our products, so that not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too. 

How do you unwind at night? 

Recently I’ve got into using the Headspace Meditation app to unwind as it helps me to really clear my mind from all the busy thoughts. And, if it’s been a particularly busy day and I can’t switch off, then I spritz our Good Night Pillow Mist around the room and over my pillow, which always helps me to relax before bed.

Do you have any beauty hacks?

Wild Rose Beauty Balm. It’s my number one favourite and I use it for absolutely everything. It’s perfect for cleansing my face with, nourishing dry patches of skin, or using with a warm muslin cloth to have a mini facial.  My skin looks peachy afterwards, and the scent is so divine that when I’ve used it, people often ask me what perfume I’m wearing.

One piece of information that you want people to walk away knowing about your products?

That we genuinely use the best ingredients available, organic wherever possible, and that we never compromise on efficacy.  To that effect, I feel we are pretty groundbreaking.  

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Less is more and never, ever put foundation or concealer over sun-kissed cheeks! 

Describe your first makeup memory.

At 15 years old, wishing I could have cat flicks as perfect as Brigitte Bardot, and spending hours trying to make them even.

What does beauty mean to you?

To be happy and confident in your skin.

What’s your everyday beauty Credo (credo is latin for “I believe”)?

My beauty credo is that inner health means outer beauty. It’s a belief that informs everything I do.

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