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How To Achieve The "Dewy Dumpling Glow"

How To Achieve The

Ever stop in your tracks when the hashtag #dewydumplings pops up in your Insta feed? You know the one…the most luminous glowing skin you’ve ever seen that literally lights up the entire room?! It’s the Dewy Dumpling Glow, a phrase coined by NYC makeup artist Nam Vo (@namvo), that refers to healthy, radiant skin that looks plump, juicy and beyond enviable.
We interviewed Michelle Park, an esthetician in our flagship SF location, to find out how you can achieve the glow that everyone is talking about - and not just because it’s super fun to say.

"The reason this trend is becoming so popular is because it can be achieved by any skin type," Park says. The skin appears healthy, rather than greasy. But the trick, as Park tells us, is not about the makeup you wear, but how to create the healthy glow underneath.
"Adding hydration to someone’s everyday routine would keep them on the dewy dumpling path", Park says. (Oooh, there’s a path? Tell us everything.)

She recommends starting your skincare routine with an essence or toner like Tata Harper's Concentrated Brightening Essence, which is also great to spray throughout the day to refresh your dewy look, even on top of makeup.

Next, Park recommends gently pressing a serum like Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum into the skin. Then, while skin is still damp, it’s time to moisturize… a quintessential step for the dewy glow. Park recommends Mara Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil for any skin type.


Only then, makeup comes into play. Start with foundation like Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Stick Foundation for any skin type. “This product gives an amazing luminous finish without looking greasy.” 

If your skin type is oily, Park recommends applying just a dusting of Ilia's Translucent Powder to the forehead and nose/chin area to help keep things matte.

Finally, three great illuminators to help achieve the #dumplingglow. First just a few drops of Maya Chia's Highlight of The Day added to your moisturizer, foundation or tinted SPF and your subtle, luminous glow is on like nobody’s business. 

Also a fan of RMS Luminizers, Park particularly loves the Master Mixer and Champagne Rosé because they work well on a multitude of skin tones. "Apply to temples and cheekbones in a “C” motion, on naked skin or on top of foundation. "

A new alternative that Park enjoys to get her glow on is PYT Beauty Upgrade Highlighter in Courtside.

We are all in and ready to give the Dumpling Glow a go.  Try it yourself and we’ll see you and your subtle, radiant self stopping traffic and lighting up Instagram.