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Keep the mask. Lose the maskne...

Just when we thought we were done with acne…enter “maskne”...

While masks are an important part of daily life for the foreseeable future, they can unfortunately cause skin irritation and breakouts on your cheeks, jawline and chin for obvious reasons. 
Dr. Heather D. Rogers, founder and CEO of Doctor Rogers RESTORE and co-founder of Modern Dermatology in Seattle, shares her 4-step routine to keep the mask and lose the aftermath.


STEP 1: Wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser like Doctor Rogers RESTORE Face Wash which cleanses skin without stripping it. Pat dry with a towel. 

Restore Face Wash

STEP 2: Apply an antioxidant serum such as Marie Veronique Vitamins C, E + Ferulic Serum to help calm and protect skin from free radicals, damaging sun and air pollution.
Vitamins C, E + Ferulic Serum

Follow with a moisturizer. Peet Rivko's Daily Moisturizer is lightweight, helps soothe the skin and leaves lasting hydration.
Daily Moisturizer

Step 4: Even if you’re staying inside for most of the day, it’s still (always) important to wear sunscreen. Opt for one with at least 10% zinc which has many protective properties. See my blog post, 

How to get dressed. Sunscreen first...

for more info. I love the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 because it comes in 18 super blendable shades to fit a wide variety of skin tones.

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

Step 5: If you’re wearing a mask for several hours, I recommend limiting what you put under the mask to reduce the risk of clogged pores. Why not just apply makeup to the top half of your face and focus on amplifying your eyes? Here are a few great Credo- approved make-up options to make your peepers really pop!

Above-the-mask gorgeousness:
As for lipstick, save that for Zoom calls. When it’s mask-time, protect lips with my RESTORE Healing Balm. This magical must-have is also great for any areas rubbed raw by the mask, like the bridge of your nose or behind your ears.

Restore Healing BalmRestore Healing Balm

During the day, try to get outside for a break or two at a safe location where you can take off your mask and just breathe. This is a game-changer when masks are an all-day fixture. 


STEP 1:  ALWAYS wash your face!! My RESTORE Face Wash gently suds up to remove makeup and oil without irritating your skin. 

Restore Face Wash

STEP 2: For your nose, jaw and chin areas, use a chemical exfoliator with AHA or BHAs to prevent blocked pores caused by all-day mask wearing. A great option is Goop GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel.

With chemical pads, you can focus more on specific problem areas for stronger exfoliation while not damaging the rest of skin like physical exfoliators tend to do. Infused with clean acids, these are good for even sensitive types…if you find it’s still a bit too potent, choose one with fewer fruit extracts.

Step 3:  Follow with a rich anti-aging face moisturizer – Goops GOOPGENE's All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.

GOOPGENES All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream

Step 4: 
Use our RESTORE Healing Balm for additional TLC around the eye area, on lips and cuticles. Also, if you have any raw areas from the mask, protect them with the healing balm BEFORE the exfoliating step to prevent stinging.

Restore Healing Balm

Keep it Clean!

Like your face, you MUST wash your masks often – ideally every day to prevent accumulation of dirt and oil which can contribute to “maskne”. When choosing masks, remember two layers of 100% cotton are recommended by the CDC because cotton is a very safe, non-irritating fabric.

Medical conditions can develop while wearing a mask, particularly if not regularly cleaned. Masks change the environment of your skin and therefore, the biome that lives on it. You may develop an overgrowth of yeast around your nose (seborrhea) or the corners of your mouth (perleche) or superficial staph infections causing a honey-like crust on the face  (impetigo.) These conditioners are very curable but often require a trip to the dermatologist. I recommend taking a probiotic such as The Nue Co's Skin Food + Prebiotic to help maintain a healthy skin biome during this stressful time.

Choose your mask wisely. Choose your skincare routine wisely. Let’s choose to get through this together…and lose the “maskne” along the way. We got this.