Let’s get personal. Let’s talk intimate skin care. - Credo
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Let’s get personal. Let’s talk intimate skin care.

Let’s get personal. Let’s talk intimate skin care.

Image Credit: Lady Suite
By: Jen Larson

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and love (or self-love) is in the air! Date night or not. Stay in. Go out. Couch. Club. Sequins. Sweats. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to check in with some clean self-care…ummm, down there. Your bikini area. That sensitive intimate skin needs extra clean beauty love too! No wrong time to spruce up, spice up, soothe and just pretty up. But now is the perfectly right time to get personal.

Start with this unique, clean feminine wash with fresh probiotic ingredients to support your body’s natural PH levels. A silky formula infused with soothing botanicals to help combat itchy skin and reduce odor-causing bacteria plus rose quartz powder to help remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Lady Suite Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser

Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser

Fur's cult favorite, dermatologically and gynaecologically tested body oil helps naturally soften pubic hair and decrease the chance of annoying in-growns. This multi-tasker also works on legs, underarms, chests and beards. Anywhere hair meets skin is where this oil can surely soften and surely make things less…surly.


Fur Oil 

Fur Oil

This lightweight, aromatic, dreamy body moisturizer works to luxuriously improve skin elasticity leaving every glorious inch of you smooth and replenished. Infused with luxurious aromatic fruit extracts, Vitamin E, Blue Tansy and Squalene oil, there’s no wrong place or wrong way to treat skin. Get radiant. Get glowing. Get creative.

Graydon Intimacy Oil

Intimacy Oil

The name says it all….
Almost. What the name doesn’t say is that this is more than a pH Balanced Sex Serum designed to promote balance in your intimate areas. Yes, that matters. This one also decreases dryness and tension during sex or even your period. Safe to use daily (lucky you) or anytime you need a little extra balance, hydration and…love.

WLDKAT Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum

Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum

When in doubt…bath it out!
Take the edge off a crazy day (lately are there any other kind?) and turn any night into a calm, soothing, relaxing retreat…. solo or with company. Feel stress melt away courtesy of a blend of magical salts, essential oils based on the ancient study of herbalism. Nobody ever said, “I wish I hadn’t taken that bath.” This seals that sentiment. Martini or pink champagne totally optional.

Goop The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak
''The Martini'' Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Why not lose the intimacy issues and fall in love with yourself this February? Clean, beautiful, gorgeous you. Soak it in. Love it up. Bask in your own beautiful glow. Or share the love with someone lucky. It’s a clean, beautiful win-win.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Credo. We ❤ you.