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Change Maker: Kendra Kolb Butler, Alpyn Beauty Founder

Change Maker: Kendra Kolb Butler, Alpyn Beauty Founder

Change-makers sometimes leave things changed for the better or unchanged altogether. This is the thoughtful philosophy behind "wildcrafting." This is true sustainability. As if we needed another reason to be "wild" for Alpyn Beauty skincare products.

By delicately foraging healing plants, fruits and botanicals from the breathtaking mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Alpyn Beauty leaves surrounding plants unharmed and free to continue to thrive and grow season after season—aka sustainability at its purest. As of 2020, Alpyn Beauty partnered with 1% for The Planet to donate 1% of all revenue to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, as a sponsor of their #WildTreasures initiative.

This is beautiful news for both the planet and the clean beauty devotees who reap the benefits of Alpyn goodness with skin-changing and incredibly effective results.

“When applied to the skin, these plants perform just like they do in the wild-preserving, protecting and strengthening your skin to increase resiliency for skin that looks and behaves more youthfully.” 

-Kendra Kolb Butler
Along with respectful foraging, Alpyn kindly and sustainably packages all products in glass jars and only uses FSC printed materials – taking care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. Leaving the planet in better condition than they found it comes naturally to Alpyn and we are so happy to have this amazing Change Maker as part of our Credo family.

Suddenly, “PlantGenius” makes perfect sense.   

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Plant Genius Line-Filling Eye Balm
Plant Genius Line-Filling Eye Balm
A fast-absorbing eye balm that helps to reduce fine lines.


Plant Genius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser
An antioxidant-rich daily cleanser.


Plant Genius Melt Moisturizer
A weightless, firming facial moisturizer.

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