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Our New Favorite Men's Line

Matin Meet Matin Maulawizada, the newest member of our Clean Beauty Council Member and Celebrity Makeup Artist and Activist.  We tasked him to review Marie Veronique's new men's line Louis Pierre.  Matin not only works with A-list faces like Claire Danes and Angelina Jolie, he is a product connoisseur. 

Review of Louis Pierre | M. Veronique Men's Line

Shave Prep + Daily Wash
I love foaming cleansers but had to stop because they would dry my skin out.  I love this wash because it's so gentle yet it deeply cleanses and exfoliates without leaving the skin dry and dull. The willow bark works deep in hair follicles

Mildly Foaming Shaving Oil
I’m a big fan of shaving oils but this is the very first product I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave my skin burning immediately after I shave. I honestly thought that burn came with shaving daily but for the first time I came out of shower with absolutely comfortable skin.

Aftershave Tonic
I love this toner. It not only rebalances the skin but the cucumber, tea tree and elderberry extracts softens, disinfects and protects against inflammation, major causes of skin aging.


More about the Matin Maulawizada: Celebrity Makeup Artist And Activist

After completing his undergraduate degree in human physiology and receiving a Masters in biology, Matin returned to his first true love: makeup. Since switching industries, he’s launched international beauty brands, trained fellow artists, and worked on A-list faces for over 20 years. Additionally, Matin co-founded Afghan Hands Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the expansion of female education in South Asia.

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