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People Who Inspire… Hopie & Lily of Block Shop Textiles

People Who Inspire… Hopie & Lily of Block Shop Textiles

When the coolest girls on the “block” tell you that they love Credo…we have to tell them that we love them back. Sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman started with a passion and turned it into a business that inspires creativity and community and definitely makes the world a more beautiful place to live.

If you’ve never heard of the Block Shop girls, be prepared to feast your eyes on beautiful handmade textiles from a team of artists and craftspeople, all rooted in best practices, helping others and bringing joy to everyone they meet. We want everything they’ve created…literally. 

“We wanted to create extraordinary, handmade textiles while honoring traditions, investing in the community’s wellbeing and creating a beautiful world that goes well beyond just the products.”

Q: How do your values translate into a business that is socially responsible and why is that important to you?

A: We wanted to invest in the communities we worked with in India — beyond the cash flow from our production. Today, we are proud to invest 5% of our profits in semiannual health camps for our textile artists and their families – bringing medical and dental care from Jaipur to do checkups and fill prescriptions.

Q: Your skin (both of yours) is glowing. What are your favorite Credo secrets/routines?

A: While we're pretty low-key about products, we love everything in the Credo candy store. Here are the night and day products we are obsessed with.

Morning Routine...
We fight over the Skin Gym Rose Quartz Gua Sha because we both get extreme morning face puffernutters. Then come the lickity split staples! Usually in the car mirror at red lights, or once we get to work, right before a meeting starts. We start with an undereye & spot concealer,  RMS "Un" Cover-Up. Lily loves the all-purpose Ilia Multi-Stick in a coral-pink I Put A Spell On You for a creamy cheek blush and lip – it’s a lovely texture and goes on easily and makes you look fresh and ready for the day.
Lily may scribble a little pencil on her brows since they’re naturally the same color as her face and she thinks she looks like a tepid bowl of oatmeal without it, (lol) and usually leaves it at that.

For me (Hopie)... I need a light mascara + Ilia eyeliner combo because my high school friend told me I do. It just feels right and that’s what our approach to beauty is all about. Doing what feels right, using quality ingredients and doing it in five minutes or less.


Nighttime Routine...
Hopie…can’t live without a slap-dash of gentle cleanser and Goop Replenishing Night Cream.

Lily…in love with Kypris Moonlight Catalyst which is a gentle pumpkin enzyme vs a hardcore retinoid.

Thank you, Hopie & Lily. We are thrilled to count you among our clean beauty fans…and trust us, the obsession is mutual.

Clean beauty meets all things beautiful and these girls are the epitome of both. Follow them @blockshoptextiles, visit their website and try to not fill your cart. And while you’re there…check out their skin.