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Pregnancy glow MIA? Here's how to get it back

Pregnancy glow MIA? Here's how to get it back
By HATCH MAMA Babe Editorial Director Caroline Tell

It’s almost time! Your official inauguration into the “motherhood” is beautifully looming - where “you” becomes a full-time “we” - a worrier, a nurse, a friend, a teacher, a lack of sleeper and a smitten momma. But honestly, you may find yourself wondering amidst all the exciting and amazing changes…” umm, where the heck is my illustrious pregnancy glow?” Your suddenly ever-changing skin (and body) is dealing with an overload of hormones, fatigue, nausea and, sometimes, that glow gets lost along the way. Let’s find it.
We tapped our resident mama-care experts at HATCH – whose clean maternity beauty lineup just landed at Credo – to help breakdown and beautifully solve many of the skin issues you can expect when you’re expecting.

Wahh, Dark Spots
More hormones = more pigment = more dark spots. Some call melasma + prenatal hyperpigmentation the “mask of pregnancy.” If you get this, you’re certainly not alone. Nearly HALF of all women will experience some dark spotting. 

What you can do about it:
Prevent. Prevent. Prevent. If you’re a sun junkie, take it down a notch. Stick to the shade or a cute wide-brimmed hat and slather on that SPF every single day. Grab a nourishing 100% mineral sunscreen like Eleven On-The-Defense SPF 30 or Kinship Self-Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32 (steer clear of chemical sunscreens while pregnant!) and partner it with a daily Vitamin C serum for antioxidant protection, like Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum. Learn more in our Sunscreen Blog to get the 101 on all things Sunscreen.

On-The-Defense Sunscreen SPF 30Self Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32

Wahh, Dry Skin
We hear about this one from our HATCH mamas all of the time. “Why is my skin so dry?” In some women, hormonal changes can actually reduce oil production in the skin, leading to unexpected dryness.

What you can do about it:
Beyond moisturizing daily from head-to-toe (a mama must), drop some body oil – like our cult-favorite HATCH Belly Oil – into the bath for extra nourishment.

Hatch Mama Belly Oil

Another product reco? Our Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm is the perfect clean beauty fix for chapped lips, ashy elbows, tops of hands and anywhere you need a little love. Lastly, stay hydrated + consume good fats (think avocados and nuts) to keep skin feeling good from the inside out. 

Hatch Mama Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm

Wahh, Hormonal Acne
Hormonal shifts that take place during pregnancy can also mean hormonal acne. The not-so-fun news? Certain levels of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, as well as retinol and benzoyl peroxides are generally considered no-nos. 

What you can do about it:
Make sure to cleanse every day and for those with oilier skin, resist the urge to skip moisturizer. Why? Drying out skin can actually cause the skin to get further out of balance and produce excess oil! For persistent pimples, try an herbal toner or mist with witch hazel or tea tree oil for daily relief, like Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner.
Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner
In between breakouts, make sure to slough off dead skin with an all-natural exfoliating scrub. Lastly, ask your dermatologist or medical provider for pregnancy friendly spot treatments – there are many safe OTC and prescription options they can bring to your rescue as needed. 

Other Issues?  
We hit up Dr. Claire Wolinsky, a rock-star dermatologist AND member of the HATCH healthcare advisory board to break down other skincare woes during pregnancy and how we can overcome them to get the glowing, radiant skin we deserve.

For sensitive skin:
I don’t recommend washing your face twice a day in general, and specifically for pregnant women who tend to be more sensitive and dry. At night, wash with a gentle cream or balm cleanser followed by a calming antioxidant moisturizer like CV Skinlabs. The CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture for Face, Neck & Scalp is a super pure, well-researched, safe product with no estrogen-promoting ingredients. Switching from chemical to physical, mineral sunscreen may also do the trick. 
Calming Moisture for Face, Neck & Scalp

For itchy skin:  
When your daily Belly Oil isn’t enough, try enlisting a thicker head-to-toe moisturizer. Credo is brimming with clean, yummy body butters like Beneath Your Mask Heal Skin Souffle or Goop goopgenes Repair Body Butter. Also incorporate hydrocortisone as needed if stubborn itching persists. 
Heal- Vegan Whipped Skin Soufflé GOOPGENES Repair Body Butter

For Broken capillaries: 
These can be treated safely postpartum with a laser – so rest easy while pregnant knowing we can zap these away at a later date!
For varicose veins and swollen legs:
Wear compression socks and elevate your legs for best preventative practice. HATCH also makes a clean cooling cream called Down, Girl Soothing Leg + Foot Relief to reduce aching and fatigue in legs and feet, pregnant or not!
Down, Girl - Soothing Leg + Foot ReliefDown, Girl - Soothing Leg + Foot Relief

Moisturize. Heal. Protect. Oil up. Rest up. Feet up. Your pregnancy glow is here for the taking and trust us- you most likely had it all along- just take it up a gorgeous notch and bask away. You got this, momma!