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Recap and Takeaways of the Credo Clean Beauty Summit 2022

Recap and Takeaways of the Credo Clean Beauty Summit 2022
If you were in Los Angeles’ Design District early in June, you may have seen a crowd of beautiful faces with beaming skin, sparkling eyelids, and smiling, bold lips. The reason? The 2022 Credo Clean Beauty Summit! This third edition of the Summit was a pinnacle event that celebrated all the success the clean beauty movement has gained in the last few years. Reflecting its mission and values, Credo’s annual summit is a space where all beauty is clean beauty, and was created to connect industry leaders, brand founders, and fans-in-the-know to share their love for safe, high-performance products.


Credo Beauty Clean Beauty Summit Exa Beauty Color CorrectorEleVen by Venus Williams Credo Beauty Clean Beauty Summit


The Summit kicked off with a day dedicated to our brands and founders. A total of 80 Credo brands gathered to reconnect, learn more about our mission to go beyond safe ingredients with The Credo Clean Standard, and engage in an open conversation about the future of the industry. It also served to bring together leaders as a community—because who else could appreciate their unique challenges and milestones?


Credo Beauty Brand Founders
The Credo-led panel made of Annie Jackson, Co-founder and COO, Stuart Millar, CEO and Mia Davis, VP of Sustainability and Impact, answered audience questions, such as how Credo plans to expand representation of the BIPOC community in clean beauty (asked by Moodeaux founder Brianna Arp). This led to an early announcement in relation to the Credo For Change program—see here to learn more!


Credo Beauty Clean Beauty Summit


Day two was a full day of fun and learning, and the reason why clean beauty fans lined up around the block. Inside, over 40 brands curated booths with special interactive services, educational moments, games, and rituals. At Tata Harper, guests leaned back to receive relaxing facials (including an eye massage!) featuring the brand’s lineup of farm-to-skin formulas. Mara set up a carnival-style game of chance to win its products by landing a ball inside one of the many narrow glass orbs filled with the desired prize. Outside with Tower 28, the summer fun–themed area included rounds of corn hole to be played in between spoonfuls of the brand’s orange and yellow–swirled citrus sorbet. It was truly a beauty lover’s dream experience with the opportunity to make a custom blush with MOB Beauty, learn gua sha techniques with Wilding’s founders, and see the glowing effect first hand with Ursa Major’s yet-to-be-released new brightening serum. Check out this fun reel that gives you a tour of the experience! The event packed so much action that Credo created a scavenger hunt with grand prizes awaiting those who found every special feature on the list. It was experiences like this that inspired Amanda Evans to secure her spot at the event.
I love having this in-person experience where you get to learn about the brands from the creators themselves. With the pandemic, I’ve been stuck at home doing my own research. I wanted to have a moment to come in and learn…and figure out what is actually going to work out for me,” she said.


Tata Harper
Exa Beauty
In between perusing the booths, guests sat down for makeup lessons with Credo’s new PRO team (smoky eyes, anyone?) as well as panels with founders, who spoke to their brand origins, sustainability impact, and upcoming product sneak peeks. Alpyn Beauty founder Kendra Kolb Butler shared her love for wildcrafted ingredients. “I'm loving juneberry right now, it's a super berry. It has a thousand times the antioxidant power of a blueberry, which is unbelievable. The bears absolutely love them, so when we're wild crafting [for them] we're putting our lives in danger because when you pick a juneberry, it's like blood in the water for a shark—bears can smell it from miles away! It's the most recent [ingredient] we've been experimenting with and we're blown away by the results."
The most anticipated panel was with the one-and-only Michelle Pfeiffer, who launched her fully transparent fragrance collection, Henry Rose, only at Credo.
Credo Beauty Clean Beauty Summit


Why hadn't anybody formulated a [fine] fragrance that disclosed its ingredients and that smelled amazing?...I don't wanna do another fragrance that I wouldn't want to wear…I set a very high level for the perfumers and I was very honest with them—I said, 'Listen if we can't do this then I'm not doing it,' but we did and we ended up formulating five," she shared with the packed room. We’re so thankful she did!


At the end of the day, all guests were able to take home a goodie bag brimming with clean beauty they’ll love for months to come. 


If you’re feeling major FOMO right now, don’t worry—The Clean Beauty Summit is a recurring event (circumstances permitting!) so be sure to be on the lookout for more details on the next edition. See you there!


Credo Beauty Clean Beauty Summit