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Relax, it's bath time. 7 bath relaxation products we love.

Relax, it's bath time. 7 bath relaxation products we love.

By Jen Larson

Nobody ever said, “I wish I hadn’t taken that bath.” In fact, the bathtub has become such a destination point right now, we have a hard time thinking of reasons to leave. So, settle in for a well-deserved, extra-long soak and pretend like nobody needs you…if only for a moment. Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Start with our clean beauty, skincare and relaxation favorites for a true spa experience. Wine, partner and exit plan, all optional.

Candles – Never a bad idea…
Bath or not, this clean glow is ready to soothe every sense. Heretic candles, in the scents that intoxicate the senses, are the perfect accompaniment to any bath time experience. From Dirty Fig, Dirty Grass, Dirty Lemon and Slightly Bitter to Dirty Vanilla and Dirty Mango…choose your mood, your scent and your dirty.

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Just add salts
The only thing better than a warm, calming soak is adding bath salts. Known to ease sore muscles, calm inflammation and even help with sleep issues. Yes, pass the salt, please.

As seen in Glamour Magazine, Vertly CBD Infused Bath Salts are known to do a number on stress. Clean, natural salts bursting with intoxicating lavender, lemon, sage and 100mg of hemp-derived CBD per bag to ease pain and calm the soul. A true experience for body and mind.

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As soft as it gets with bath oil
This is as soft as skin gets. Therapeutic for your mind as well as your body…seriously settle in and stay awhile. You truly can’t be too soft, too nourished or too relaxed.

This unisex bath oil from Olverum takes your getaway to the next level. A glorious blend of ten essential oils for a truly uplifting experience for your mind, body and soul while nourishing and drenching your skin in softness. You just sit back and soak up the stress-reducing goodness. Oh, and this one promotes sleep too. Dreamy.

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Stubble Cream for the win
While you’re at it, why not smooth and polish your skin with no trace of razor burn, stubble or irritation? Rhetorical.
The Fur Stubble Cream not only prevents ingrown hair, bumps and razor burn, it epically moisturizes every inch of your newly smooth skin. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this natural wonder softens prickly stubble for your silkiest, hair-free finish.

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Multitask with a Face and Hair masks
Slather on a hair mask or face mask (or both) and let the clean beauty soak in. Multi-tasking never felt this effortless.

This rich, luxurious Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask does the work while you bask. Say goodbye to coarse, damaged hair and hello to revived, hydrated, shiny tresses. Who knew Flax Seed and Monoi Oils, Shea Butter, Coconut and Quinoa could do all that! Innersense always knows.

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The deep pore, Kinship Mint Mud Mask exfoliates, removes that skin-dulling layer and smooths out rough spots while you soak. Lactic acid & Jojoba oil beads work their magic…you just relax. Kinship’s got this…and it’s Oprah-approved….O Magazines’ pick for best facial mask of 2020.

Mint Mud Deep Pore Detox Mask
Kinship Mint Mud Pore Detox Mask

The Afterbath...
The 8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil seals in all the good, relaxing, skin-loving goodness while skin’s still basking in the warm glow…hydrating, softening, scent-ual. Keep the bath vibes alive.

When they dubbed this one the “solid facial oil” they were spot on. Concentrated Vitamin C instantly melts into skin for a velvety smooth finish while 8 faces super- hero fruit ingredient, Amla Berry does its thing leaving skin clean, glowing, radiant and smelling like a lavender meets geranium dream. Yes, people may notice…after you leave the tub.
Use this balm daily to nourish skin, hydrate hands or even tame hair.

Boundless Solid Oil
8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil

Ahh, that’s better. Wrap up in a thirsty terry robe and bask in the afterglow that only a bath can deliver. Refreshed, rejuvenated and ready. Tomorrow is a new day, a new you and a new chance for another game-changing soak.

Header image credit: @taylaburke