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Summer Makeup Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

Summer Makeup Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

By Joshua Pierce, Head of Education at Credo Beauty

Summer time is a thing of beauty. Sunshine, swimming pools, longer days and loads of fun get-togethers. What we love most at Credo are all the cute summer makeup looks! (Are you surprised?)


That’s right, today we’re gabbing all about summer makeup trends. I’m talking, glowing dewy skin, simple steps for smokey eyes, plump juicy lips and rosy cheeks anyone will want to pinch.  These trends that we’re seeing are great because they celebrate each feature of the face with a simple approach to application. In other words, you won’t need to hire a makeup artist to do the work for you. 


Are you ready to learn how you can use our massive range of high performance clean makeup to complete our best summer makeup looks? Let’s do this.


Dewy, Glowing Skin 
Glowing skin trends aren’t going anywhere any time soon. And we fully support this movement. Glowing skin is full of life, hydration, youthful vigor! Think about it… dusty old, dry deserts are arid and sad. Full of despair and cracked mud. Dried up looking skin has the same musty, dusty, tired vibes. So keep it young, keep it fresh, keep it GLOWING!


The secret to achieving glazed and gorgeous glowy skin lies within the products you choose and how you put them on. Prime the skin with a hydrating primer Like Exa Splash Zone Oil-Free Hydrating Primer. This lovely little miracle primer instantly cools the skin and imparts the perfect amount of moisture. Follow it up with Exa High Fidelity Semi Satin Foundation and you’ll get that instant summer glow. Beginning with the Tzone, tap the foundation onto the skin with your favorite brush, sponge or fingertip. Feather the foundation outward to the perimeter of the face. Finally, lightly powder the nose and forehead but leave the glow everywhere else! 


Credo Pro application tip: For oily skin, try mixing equal parts Splash Zone with High Fidelity Foundation to bring down the shine. 


Exa High Fidelity Foundation

Exa High Fidelity Foundation

Exa Splash Zone Primer

Exa Splash Zone Oil-Free Hydrating Primer

Bronze and Highlight if it feels right
If you really want to take your summer makeup looks to the next level, we should talk about bronzing and highlighting. Bronzer is the absolute best way to regulate your off season foundation shade. Apply your foundation as mentioned before. Then, lightly apply a layer of bronzer anywhere you normally get color on your face. I personally apply it to the bridge of my nose, across my cheekbones and a little on the forehead and jawline. When I say “little” I mean itsy bitsy teeny weeny little. It's best to apply bronzer in sheer layers… you can always make it darker, you can’t make it lighter. Products like MOB Beauty’s Cream Clay Bronzer make bronzer application easy peasy because they glide on like butter. I actually prefer applying this product with my fingertips as it really works it into the skin and gives the bronzer a very natural, glowy skin finish.


Highlight tops of the cheekbones and anywhere else you want to POP! Westman Atelier Lit Up Stick in Nectar is the ticket for an effortless highlight job.


Credo Pro application tip: Try to keep your textures separate. Matte bronzers in the low plane of the face (cheek hollows etc) will create depth. Shiny highlights on the high planes (tops of cheekbones, brow bones)  will bring features forward. Mix it all together and you will lose the dimension. 


MOB Beauty Cream Clay Bronzer

MOB Beauty Cream Clay Bronzer

Westman Atelier Lit Up Stick in Nectar

Westman Atelier Lit Up Stick in Nectar

Ring around the rosy… cheeks
Blush is an easy topic to discuss when it comes to summer makeup looks. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of steps it will literally transform your face. Instant glam, instant life, instant COLOR! Go for light rosy shades that are about the depth of the skin on your lips. This creates a natural, rosy flush of sweet little baby cherubs. Who doesn’t love a coquettish, youthful blush? 


Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmies have a delicious range of shades that will “rose up” any complexion. This brand understood the assignment by creating these uber-sustainable little crayons of face color. Put them anywhere! On the eyes, on the lips, on the cheeks. Mix and match your own little set to create whatever look floats your boat. We personally love the monochromatic trend.


Credo Pro application tip: For the most natural blush application, apply the blush to the apple of your cheek and blend it backwards to the ear and down to the jaw. That way it’ll look like someone just told you a flirty little secret.


Axiology Lip to lid Balmie

Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmie in Strawberry


Smokey summer eyes made simple
We’ve all been there. You want to try a new smoky eye you saw on the internet for a special night out. But before you know it, you’re not wearing the smokey eye, it’s wearing you. Our advice is to keep it simple. All you need is a kick ass eye liner and a couple of eye shadows you find beautiful. Minimizing the amount of products makes smokey eyes very easy to control. 


Ere Perez has the creamiest eyeliners and they are a cinch to blend out. The shade range is so impressive you’ll want to have them ALL in your makeup bag.


PYT is a cult favorite for makeup artists when it comes to clean eyeshadow. Their palettes are the perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades. This combo gives the highest level of dimension for your eyes.


Credo Pro application tip: Apply the eyeliner all over the eyelid, stopping at the crease. Then, apply it in the inner rim of your eye and across your lower lash line. Lightly smudge the edges with your fingertip. Then, with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, sweep your deepest shade of shadow across the lid and lower lash line, setting the eyeliner. Now, apply a creamy highlight shade to your brow bone and inner corner tear duct. VOILA! Smokey eyes.


Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil

Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil

PYT Beauty Upcycle Rowdy Rose Nude Eyeshadow Palette

PYT Beauty Upcycle Rowdy Rose Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Plump up the pout
Lip gloss is instant summertime magic for the whole face and is one of the easiest summer makeup trends. It’s fast, it’s transformative, it fits in your pocket. Spring/summer fashion weeks all over the world were featuring lacquered lips in hues of molten peach, pumped up pinks and scintillating raspberry. When in doubt, keep a classic tube of clear gloss in your pocket and pop that baby on top of your signature lipstick shade. Then take your place on the runway because you’re a supermodel now!


Credo Pro application tip: Lip liner is making a huge comeback this year. Use two shades of lip liner that are deeper than your natural lip shade. One liner should be slightly darker than the other. Use the slightly deeper shade to line the lower lip. This will create a cute little pout because it makes the bottom lip look a tad bigger. Gloss it up with your favorite lip oil, gloss or dewy lip balm.


Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly in Chill

Look at that! When you combine all these summer makeup trends together, you have the quintessential summer glamor face of your dreams. You’ll turn heads at the BBQ, at the pool, at the summer Friday happy hour… you name it, you’ll turn heads at it. 


And remember, these are just a few of the trends we see for summer. What new look will you come up with to start a trend of your own? Have fun exploring the endless range of clean makeup Credo offers this summer. 


Cheers - Joshua