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Sunscreen: Myth vs Facts

Written By Sara Dudley, CEO of The Sunscreen Company

How the Credo x EleVen by Venus Williams x The Sunscreen Company collab came to life.

Sara Dudley, aka, the sunshine behind The Sunscreen Company, puts the smarts and the science into all things SPF and skincare related. And we’re so glad this CEO and her team were totally up for the challenge when it came time for Credo to collab with EleVen by Venus Williams to create the first ever sunscreen serum…and more. 

After a lifelong pursuit to find the very best sunscreen under the sun, we’re happy to say, she’s succeeded. And Venus Williams (and Credo) agree…
Here’s what Sara has to say about some common sunscreen myths you’ve probably heard: 
1. Physical vs. Chemical:
Most people state that 'physical' sunscreens (or mineral sunscreen) work by creating a barrier or reflection of the rays of the sun. But they actually work by absorption 95% of the time and only reflect 5% of the time, so "physical" is kind of a misnomer.

2. Clean Chemicals

Products that are free-from oxybenzone and octinoxate but use other organic filters will claim to be clean chemicals but there is mounting evidence about concerns with other filters.  Avobenzone has a similar chemical structure as oxybenzone, ie. the benzene ring, and therefore has the potential to unlock similar pathways as oxybenzone. Avobenzone, along with oxybenzone, also potentially reacts with pool chlorine to create incredibly toxic materials.

3. UVA vs. UVB

Studies indicate that a sunscreen's UVA protection factor is actually more important to skin health than it's SPF (which is largely a measure of UVB protection). UVA is potentially harmful in two ways: DNA mutation and suppression of the immune response so it can't repair the DNA damage–a double whammy.

UVA Protection Factor is not usually displayed on the product label, making it tricky for consumers to compare products. But note that Eleven Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 35 = UVA protection factor of 11.91 and Eleven On The Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 = UVA Protection Factor of 10.90, which is approximately double that of other leading conventional brands and many other mineral options.

Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 35                    On-The-Defense Sunscreen SPF 30

So how do I choose the right sunscreen for me?:
Outside of the minor differences in UVA protection, customers should choose the format that best serves their lifestyle, skin type and level of sun exposure. The Unrivalled Serum SPF 35 is a great daily solution and deserves prime placement in your out-the-door routine. Use this as the last step in your skincare routine. We typically recommend about a quarter-sized amount for best protection and it should be used solo…not combined with other products whichmight dilute its protection levels. Depending on your personal level of skin hydration, you may want to incorporate it with a full hydration routine involving a serum and a moisturizerfor your best summer glow

On The Defense SPF 30 provides slightly more hydration and is ideal for those with dry skin or compromised skin barriers. Perfect as your final step in your daily skincare routine. Deeply nourishing, soothing and epically hydrating, this is your on-the-go protection to keep in your purse, gym bag or backpack in case touch-ups are needed. Great for children too… we all know reapplication is key with kids and the great outdoors. 

You’re in good hands (and so is your face) with a protective, skin-loving serum and a hard-working spf 30. These do more than keep you safe in the sun - they keep you gorgeously glowing. We are so over the great indoors. Thank you, Sara…and Venus. We are officially ready for summer.

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 Sara Dudley is passionate about all things related to sunscreen and skincare.  Prior to her start as CEO of The Sunscreen CompanyTM , she graduated from McGill University in Montreal Canada and then attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for her MA in Political Science. She intended on working in Washington, D.C. in non-profit administration before completely reversing her career trajectory and decided to start, along with her co-founders, a lifelong pursuit of creating the best sunscreens in the world. She subsequently completed her MBA and has been with The Sunscreen CompanyTM for 12 years. She is fluent in French and Italian and now lives with her husband and two children in the Niagara region of Canada.