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A Planet Drowning in Plastic—Time for Change.

By Mia Davis, Credo's Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility By now you’ve probably heard that the US has a major consumption and waste problem. Takeout containers, plastic shopping bags (which Credo never allowed), straws,...
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The Brand that Removed 2 Tons of Plastic from the Ocean

It’s no secret that 95% of plastic is used only once before it’s discarded–and that 8 million tons of it are dumped into our oceans every year. While estimates say it will take hundreds of years...
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Spotlight on Environmental Racism

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Sunscreen: Myth vs Facts

Written By Sara Dudley, CEO of The Sunscreen Company™ How the Credo x EleVen by Venus Williams x The Sunscreen Company collab came to life. Sara Dudley, aka, the sunshine behind The Sunscreen Company, puts...
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