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Choosing the Right Exfoliator with Goldfaden MD

By Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden, VP of Sales at Goldfaden MD Exfoliation (why it matters) Out with the old, meaning skin cells that are needlessly hanging around, dulling things up - and in with the new, ready-to-glow...
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Change Maker: Kendra Kolb Butler, Alpyn Beauty Founder

Change-makers sometimes leave things changed for the better or unchanged altogether. This is the thoughtful philosophy behind "wildcrafting." This is true sustainability. As if we needed another reason to be "wild" for Alpyn Beauty skincare...
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Your Questions Answered by Dr. Goldfaden

Q: What makes "Bright Eyes" so magical? I've tried so many eye creams over the years and I've honestly never used a better product! I'm also curious what Dr. Goldfaden's most recommended skin care tip/technique...
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Founder Spotlight: Cynthia Besteman

Violets Are Blue, founded in 2013 by Cynthia Besteman, is the newest addition to Credo. Get to know a little more about the brand and Cynthia below where she tells us about her inspiration for...
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