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Tata Harper Triple Cleansing Routine

Tata Harper Triple Cleansing Routine

On March 22nd, Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper Skincare, took over our Instagram for a Spring Cleansing Master Class.

“Cleansers are one of the most underestimated categories in beauty.”

Tata continues by stating that "cleansers should be a key part of your routine and will make all your clean skincare products work better!"

To get her signature glow, Tata starts her routine with not 1, not 2 but 3 cleansers that each have their specific benefit. Let’s dive into this Triple Cleansing Routine. 

Preface: Tata recommends to always Dry Cleanse (apply your cleanser directly on your dry face without damping it first). This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your clean cleanser without watering down the good ingredients! “You wouldn’t dilute your serum, right?”  Duh…. 

1st Cleanse: Remove the Grit of the Day

Tata starts with her Nourishing Oil Cleanser. It removes the dirt of the day and is gentle enough to use around the eyes, making it a perfect makeup remover. When applied and massaged onto the skin, the oil turns into a beautiful milk.

Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Tata’s Tip: Don’t forget your neck! Your 40+ self will thank you.

2nd Cleanse: Go Deeper

After rinsing the oil cleanser off and drying the skin, Tata recommends "applying a second cleanser that will go deeper."

She reaches out for the Purifying Cleanser. This gel-to-oil treatment targets blemish-causing impurities, helps absorb oil and fight environmental pollution.
Note: this is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Purifying Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin that is also oily or blemish-prone, Tata recommends using the Clarifying Cleanser.  She drops a pea-sized amount in a bowl, adds a few drops of water and mixes it with a brush until it turns into a beautiful foam. Then, she applies it with the brush and lets the cooling sensation from the chlorella take over.

Clarifying Cleanser

3rd Cleanse: Reboot and Regenerate

The third cleanse focuses on exfoliation and giving you that fresh and radiant glow. Tata reaches out for the Regenerating Cleanser. This powerhouse buffs and polishes using both physical exfoliation (with apricot microspheres) and chemical exfoliation (with BHAs from white willow bark). 

Regenerating Cleanser

Tata’s Tip: Apply on dry skin and massage with circular motions until it turns into a white foam.

Not into physical exfoliation? Try Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser – a gentle chemical exfoliant that hydrates skin while removing buildup to leave you with a glowing, healthy look.

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