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The Change Makers

The Change Makers
Innovators, Visionaries, & The Clean Beauty Brands that Give Back

The Credo clean beauty community continues to grow and thrive, proving once again that this is so much more than a beauty store, and so much more of a movement with a future in mind. With “Environment Always” as one of our core foundation pillars, let’s talk about what our amazing founders do, and continue to do…

While all of our skincare and makeup brands are vetted by the Credo Clean Standard, the strictest standard in Beauty Retail, there are a special few taking this standard up a beautiful notch – and we felt the need to shine a light on that. So, this spring, we highlight and celebrate our founders doing so much – and they’re not stopping at beauty. The planet, the future and the masses thank you - and so do we.

These are the beloved brands changing the game for the cleaner, the better, the more beautiful.

Sustainable Sourcing and Environmental Activism

Change Maker: Founder Dr Mark Gray of Ao Skincare
Glueless boxes, locally sourced ingredients, 100% recyclable packaging and a member of “1% For the Planet.” A Ok. 


Change Maker: Founder Kapua Browning of Honua Hawaiian Skincare
Committed to reforestation and ocean plastic awareness, Honua works closely with Hawaiian farms to support and protect Hawaii’s agriculture. 2020 goals include increasing local sourcing to help increase farmers’ wages, beach cleanup, and eliminating plastic waste. Mahalo.


Change Makers: Founders William & Anna Brightman of Upcircle
Upcycled coffee grounds are given a new life in the formulas, and the packaging is 99% plastic free.


Change Maker: Founder Kendra Kolb Butler of Alpyn Beauty
Alpyn’s ingredients are wild-crafted and picked responsibly with delicate care so the healthy surrounding plants are undamaged and free to replenish themselves naturally. That’s true sustainability.


Packaging Innovation

Change Maker: Founder Kailey Bradt of OWA Haircare
One bottle of this amazing powder shampoo equals 8 times the washes of liquid shampoo - and the super-concentrated formula reduces waste overall. Clean hair & planet.


Change Maker: Founder Marie-Veronique Nadeau of Marie Veronique
Only glass bottles and innovative formulas, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint. 


Change Maker: Founder Ericka Rodriguez of Axiology
Determined to keep litter off the streets of Bali, Axiology beauty employed local women to gather and repurpose trash – turning it into paper treasures and packaging…including their own.


Giving Back

Change Maker: Founder Casey Georgeson of Saint Jane Beauty
Aligned with Girls Crushing It and Cancer + Careers, Saint Jane CBD beauty and skincare company selflessly gives back to women everywhere.


Change Makers: Founders Greg and Joanne Starkman of Innersense Organic Beauty
Giving back just makes “sense” to Innersense. A percentage of proceeds go to more than 8 non-profits that touch their hearts and reflect their values. Helping others and helping our hair. Selfless. Clean. Beautiful.


Change Maker: Founder Michelle Ranavat of Ranavat Botanics
With 2% of proceeds going to the Desai Foundation, created to empower women and children to dream big, Ranavat is helping women “Claim Your Crown.”


Change Maker: Founder Mera McGrew of Soapply 
Making every wash count by making hand washing possible worldwide, preventing disease with clean water, sanitation and hygiene. 


Change Maker: Founder Susan Wong of HAN
HAN Skincare & Cosmetics is excited to earmark some of the funds for Compass’ Children’s Center program, which takes care of homeless children ages 0-5 while their parents work or finish school.


The brands featured above are only a selection of brands going above and beyond to make a positive impact on our planet. We're proud to have many more in our community. Join us this Spring as we celebrate these beautiful initiatives.