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The Monochromatic Glow

The Monochromatic Glow

Hello Credo Family, 

My name is Dayna Marie, pro clean makeup artist, soon-to-be licensed clinical mental health therapist, and Glow Kind founder. Glow Kind is an initiative I created to unite women interested in clean beauty, self-care, and community-care. I love my Glow Kind and Credo family equally, so I am incredibly excited to create this look for you!

My newly released eBook, Glow Kind: Your Guide to the Glow, is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to properly apply skincare, flawless foundation, and a soothing nightly skincare routine. It is designed with love and serves as a great supplement to the Credo lifestyle. I used the techniques in the eBook to get my skin glowing for this monochromatic look… Now it is time to apply some color—let’s glow! Plus, don’t miss the full video tutorial at the end of this blog.

Simple Steps to The Perfect Monochromatic Glow…


After applying your favorite skincare, lightly mist your face with a protective layer of Indie Lee’s COQ-10 Toner to help your foundation effortlessly glide onto your face.
Use one pump of Exa Jump Start Smoothing Primer to prep the skin—focusing on areas where you express yourself, like your forehead, around your eyes, and around your mouth to prevent creasing throughout the day.
Jump Start Smoothing Primer


Warm one pump of Exa High Fidelity Foundation into the palm of your clean hand and apply to your forehead, cheeks, and chin.
High Fidelity Foundation
Exa Shade: Valentine 250 (tan with cool or olive undertones)

Using the rounded end of a damp Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge, gently bounce the sponge across your face to flawlessly blend the foundation into the skin. 

Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo

Use Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer to create an inverted triangle under your eyes, in the center of your forehead, and your chin to illuminate and conceal. Use the pointed end of the Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge to blend.
Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer 
Color: 07 (for deep tan skin with neutral undertones) 


Use the Axiology Beauty Lip-To-Lid Balmie in Nude Plum to color in the eyelids, concentrating at the root of the lashes and gradually moving upwards. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, use the crayon to wrap the color around the lower lash line as well. You can also use your ring finger to softly diffuse the color, creating a happy little plum cloud around the eye. 
Lip-to-Lid Balmie 

Take the Johnny Concert Small Eyeshadow brush, and use it to pat the vibrant pink shade from the Exa x Johnny Concert Chromadelika palette onto eyelids over the base you just created. Starting from the outer corner, use the same brush to gently wrap the same color around the eye. Flip the brush over to use the sponge applicator to seamlessly blend the color beneath the lower lash line as well. 

Exa x Johnny Concert Chromadelika Amplified Shadow Palette

Use ILIA’s Limitless Lash Mascara to apply two coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Hold the brush vertically and jiggle the brush through your lower lash line to frame the eyes with a flirty flutter. For additional definition, use the comb on the applicator to go over your lashes to separate them even more!
Limitless Lash Mascara


Now, use Rituel De Fille’s Inner Glow Crème in Lovesick to bring a rosy flush to your cheeks. Use clean fingertips to gently pat the color onto the apples of your cheeks, gently blending the color upwards towards the temples. 

Inner Glow Crème Pigment

Take the Super Dew Highlight Balm from Tower 28 and use clean fingertips to pat a small amount of the balm onto the brow bone, bridge of your nose, and high points of the cheeks for an effortless, radiant glow. 


Use the same Nude Plum crayon from Axiology Beauty to line and shape your lips, completing the monochromatic color story.
Lip-to-Lid Balmie 

Finish your look by applying the Tower 28 ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss in Fearless to add even more of a pink pop on that gorgeous face! 

All done, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you recreate this look on yourselves. 

Glow With Kindness,  
Dayna Marie 

Watch me create the full look below!