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Trending: Credo’s 2019 Clean Beauty Predictions

Trending: Credo’s 2019 Clean Beauty Predictions

In 2018, the clean beauty category continued to grow by leaps and bounds and next year promises to be no different. What was once considered niche, is now the norm. If you’re going to use a product, why not make sure it’s non-toxic… right?

We sat down with Michelle ConnellyCredo Director of Merchandising & Planning, to discuss Credo’s trend predictions for 2019.  

INGREDIENTS: Adaptogens, Bakuchiol, Probiotics and CBD

“We’re going to continue to see CBD everywhere, including in formulations from bigger brands, as the legislative situation improves.” Recent CBD launches at Credo include Shea Brand CBD Natural Pain Reliever and KHUS+KHUS Rasa Restorative Potion Body Balm.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Clean Baby Products and Innovations in Fragrance & Haircare


“We have been looking at several baby + kids brands that are launching that fit our clean standard and it’s a category we will test this year. We have finally seen an increase in brands developing cleaner fragrances – PHLUR and DedCool were exciting additions in 2018. Clean hair brands have been few and far between, but there was major growth in prestige, conventional haircare, so we should see the same thing in clean beauty.”

NEW PRODUCTS: More CBD, Alpyn Beauty, Mara

“Credo is launching an exciting new-to-market brand at the end of January. It’s a luxury line of 100% clean, CBD-based products – and they’re gorgeous! Stay tuned for the unveiling...

We also expect the Alpyn Beauty Survival Serum and Mara Evening Primrose + Green Tea Algae Retinol Oil to be really successful, both brands have been quite popular with our consumers.”

INDUSTRY TRENDS: Transparency. Diversity. Inclusivity.


“The consumer’s understanding of clean beauty will continue to evolve, expectations will become higher around ingredient sourcing, packaging sustainability, etc. I think that the movement towards more diversity and inclusivity will become more apparent in clean beauty—more shades in makeup and more gender-neutral products. Even the small brands are realizing they need to do it, and if they don’t, new niche brands are popping up to fill those needs.”