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Under the Mask Makeup. How to stay gorgeous above & beneath.

Under the Mask Makeup. How to stay gorgeous above & beneath.
By Katey Denno, Credo Clean Ambassador and Pro Makeup Artist

It’s time to let skin breathe - mask on, be safe and focus on the above-the-mask “wow”!  The only foolproof way to keep masks clean (aside from washing them frequently), is to keep the skin underneath them makeup-free and fresh or stock up on lip color, blush and foundations with fewer emollients that are less likely to leave their mark. 

Follow a few simple pointers to stay clean & beautiful together.
1.  To keep foundation in place, avoid applying moisturizers or creams underneath. A few drops of face oil, if need be, should be all you apply first. My pick: Saint Flawless Radiance Foundation.

2.  Experiment with layering lip liner underneath lipstick and blotting onto a tissue in between layers – this is my long-wearing red-carpet technique. My pick: Johnny Concert Maudit Liquid Lipstick - in the clean beauty space, this has surprisingly good longevity. Be sure to let it dry down thoroughly for best results.

3.  Opt for powder brush vs. cream under your mask as it will stay put longer than cream underneath a mask. My pick: Kosas Color + Light: Pressed, applied with a fluffy brush. 

4.  Ideally, when your mask is on, makeup application should be primarily focused on the eyes. This is a great time to experiment with shadows, liners, mascara, and eyebrow products.  

Here’s a step-by-step of my go-to mask look.

I start with a favorite wintery palette from Johnny Concert - Sundance Amplified Eyeshadow Palette. I first lay down Metal Rebel (a gorgeous metallic copper) on my entire eyelid, and then pressing a light amount along my lower lash line and buffing it into the skin to leave behind just a hint of color.

Then, I use Ilia’s Clean Line Gel Liner in Dusk (brown) to line my top lash line from inner to outer, and the outer three quarters of my lower lash line, using the Jenny Patinkin Line + Smudge Brush. I diffuse it out past the corners of my eyes, just for fun.

I apply the Ilia Clean Line Liquid Liner to lightly line along my upper lash line, dotting it in between my lashes, and then outward and upwards into a thin wing. I curled my lashes and applied multiple coats of Kosas Big Clean Volumizing + Lash Care Mascara for big, fluffy lashes.

Using a clean, angled brush, I pick up both of the browns from the same Johnny Concert palette onto the same brush and trace over the brown Ilia gel liner in order to further diffuse the line AND to ‘set’ the gel liner.
I use my finger to pick up the shimmery gold shade and pressed it into the inner corner of my eyes to make them pop.
For brows, for those who want a lighter effect, simply fill in with light strokes from arch to tail using the Ecobrow Brow Defining Crayon. Keep filling till your brows wow. For those who want a fuller, thicker application, the Ecobrow Brow Defining Wax is great when used with their Ecobrow Defining Brush angled brush, to draw brows in sparse areas and fill in wherever else is needed.

To finish the look, I use a touch of Saint’s On The Go Perfecting Concealer to lighten and brighten the area under my eyes.

There are so many ways to stay clean, safe and beautiful during these mask-filled times. Focus on your eyes, lashes and brows and keep the rest of your face light, simple and natural. You look beautiful – let’s mask up together.