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How to protect your skin from blue light rays

How to protect your skin from blue light rays
We’ve all upped our screen time (devices, tv, etc) for countless reasons, and blue light is an unfortunate fact of life for many people these days. The harsh reality is - every one of our screens is blue-lighting us all day long. 

Left unprotected, blue light exposure penetrates deep into skin causing color changes, inflammation, and weakening of skin’s structure. Simply put, blue light causes photo-aging – and we don’t want any of that. 

In other news…there are loads of ways to chase away the blues.
From primers to mists, serums and boosters. We’ve got you safely covered and ready to carry on. If you can't step away from your devices, you can step up your game with these.


Protection is your first, most vital layer.

Jump Start Smoothing Primer
Exa Jump Start Smoothing Primer
This vegan, universally flattering shade doubles as skin care and triples as blue light damage protection with positively charged quartz crystals that even extend the life of your makeup. Get ready to safely zoom.
Anti-Pollution Primer
Grown Alchemist Anti-Pollution Primer

Lightweight and detoxifying while protecting and smoothing to strengthen skin’s natural barrier function. This hydrating, silicone-free primer blurs pores for flawless protection.  Up the hydration…say “see ya” to blue light damage. 

Gentle Illuminating Primer
Vapour Gentle Illuminating Primer

Prep and prime skin for makeup application and all-day protection with calming botanicals, antioxidant and vitamin rich elderberry, protecting frankincense to brighten and even up tone. Protection never looked this luminous. 

Sunscreen. Now more than ever…

Self Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32
Kinship Self Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32

This pure 100% mineral sunscreen blends gorgeously and seamlessly into skin leaving a moisturized, glowy and uber-protective finish. Gentle yet potent on protection using Kinbiome, aka, Kinships’s plant-based probiotic for clear, glowing skin.

Don’t miss the mist…Say ahhh

Mist RX Daily Nutrient Facial Mist
Goldfaden M.D. Mist RX Daily Nutrient Facial Mist
This is the mist that feels as good as it works. Quench and hydrate dull, dehydrated skin while protecting from pollution and harmful UV blue light exposure. Soak up an extra boost of nutrients and minerals including hyaluronic acid, kale sprout water and potent plant cells. It’s the perfect prep for your next serum step, or to spritz throughout the day for added blue light protection and hydration. Carry ahhh-n. 

Serums that do the work…

Here We Glow Again - Protect & Revive Serum
27 Rosiers Here We Glow Again - Protect and Revive Serum

Protect skin from urban pollution, climate change impact and yes, blue light effects that are in full-swing damage mode right now. This amazingly light gel absorbs quickly, protects epically and helps to actually rehab skin from past damage. One little serum…one big hard-working glow. 

African Botanics Infusion

This luxurious serum intensely boosts hydration and improves clarity, tone and texture with an insanely potent dose of seaweed, micro-algae and moisture-binding plant peptides. Reap the benefits while basking in the intense barrier protection…translation? Nourished, hydrated and beautifully blue-light covered. 

Booster Club…

Blueberry Oil Booster
BYBI Blueberry Booster

The 100% cold pressed blueberry seed oil helps defend skin against blue light damage by working to absorb the light before it even penetrates the skin. This powerful oil is chock full of beta-carotene and omega 3, 6 and 9 to improve skin’s surface while nourishing down deep.
Don’t fret the blue light …add these, live your life in your best, most nourished, and healthiest blue-light protected skin. Your cart is calling.