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Wedding Prep Essentials from Our In-House Esthetician Whitney

6 Months Out 

  • Getting Skin Under Control, Creating a Routine – In Fiore

This was a big part for me, for months I had been battling congestions in my cheeks and finding the correct skin care regimen was big. For me my savior was the In Fiore Pur Complexe Face Oil Concentre,this helped clear my congestion without drying out my skin.

My Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleanse – Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel– a great gentle cleanser that does not strip the face but effectively removes my makeup.
  2. Tone – Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator – I love this toner, it kept my face hydrated but also maintained that it stayed nice and clear.
  3. Moisturize – In Fiore Pur – my savior product.
  4. Serum – In Fiore Complexe De Fleu Cellular Renewal Complex – this product is super healing and helped a lot with the texture of my skin.

Whitney's Beauty Routine Products

It’s great to start doing facials once a month, I love the Credo Signature Facial because the esthetician was able to customize it to what my skin was needing. I also love to add the Peel as an add on there was no down time or crazy redness, just left me with glowing skin.

Tata Harper Spa


  • Brows

It’s great to start grooming your brows and to get the desired shape you want so that you can just maintain them before the wedding. Credo’s Beauty Baris fantastic and it was super easy to make appointments for up keep.


1 Month Out

  • Hair

When I changed my shampoo and conditioner to a natural one I noticed a huge change in my hair and it started to look much healthier. If you aren’t already using a natural one, it’s great to give your hair some time to detox and get used to natural products. I personally use Evolvh's Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner;I love it because my hair looks healthy but also maintains volume.

A hair mask is always a great idea, what I did was made Sunday’s “Me Days” where I took time for myself. I used the Evolvh “UltraRepair Treatment MasqueI loved that it was ok for my color treated hair and left my hair feeling bouncy and not weighed down.

  • Strengthen Nails

Priti NYC makes a great product called “Strong Nail Strengthenerit goes on clear but is a great product to get your nails strong and healthy for the big day.

Whitney's Routine Products

1 Week Out

  • Keep it simple, pamper yourself

The week before can bring on all kinds of stressors, take some time for you. I loved using the African Botanics “Kalahari Desert De-Tox Bath Saltsthey helped detox my body while also helping to relieve tension and stress.

I loved to finish with African Botanics “Firming Body Oil” it left my skin not only hydrated but gave it a beautiful glow and helped keep everything nice and firm. I felt like I was having a spa experience in my own home.

  • Exfoliate

Keeping your skin looking fresh as a daisy during all of the stress can be tricky. I swore by Josh Rosebrooks “Active Enzyme Exfoliator” it left my skin feeling super soft while not drying it out and helped keep my skin clear during the stressful week.

It’s also great to exfoliate your body as well especially if you plan on using any self-tanners, my go to was Herbivore’s “Coco Rose Body Scrub” it’s perfectly simple and left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

For me I had never had a spray tan and was super freaked out about how it would turn out, I decided to take matters into my own hands and used Suntegrity’s “5-n-1 Natural Self-Tanner” I loved that I had control of how light/dark I would turn out and it was very easy to use. It’s full of beautiful botanicals leaving my skin feeling hydrated.

Whitney's Routine Products 2

On the big day

A definite must have for the day of, if you were like me and too excited to sleep these give your under eye life again and make you look like you had a full night’s sleep and refreshed. A cute idea too would be to get these for bridesmaid’s gifts!

I used this mask while I rinsed off the morning of, I love that it is gentle but helped my skin to feel super smooth and left me with a beautiful glow, it also smells heavenly which is a huge bonus.

I mean, it says everything in the name, this lip exfoliator was made for your wedding day. This exfoliator made my lips super soft and ready for the makeup application.

This product actually stayed by my side throughout the whole planning process, I kept it in my purse and when I need a little moment I pulled it out and all was right in the world again.

Whitney's Day of Wedding Products

Products I kept on me at all Times during the planning process.

  1. SPF – It’s always great to wear an everyday SPF to keep your skin safe, there are a few different ones from Credo that work great. Suntegrity, MD Solar Sciences, Jose Rosebrook, Juice Beauty.


(Bridal portrait: Katie Shuler Photography)