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What are Prebiotics?

What are Prebiotics?

By Juice Beauty

Many people are familiar with probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in fermented foods like yogurts and kombucha, known to boost your gut and skin health. “Prebiotics” is a much newer term describing the food sources needed by probiotics to thrive.

Like your gut, your skin is covered in a diverse microbiome of organisms that keep your skin barrier healthy and intact. A healthy microbiome is a perfect balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria with lots of diversity of microflora. Did you know that bacteria on your skin outnumbers skin cells by 10:1? Prebiotics are regarded as being most effective when paired with probiotics, because they encourage the beneficial bacteria that are already inhabiting your skin’s ecosystem to flourish. Excessive cleansing, pollution, air conditioning and UV exposure call all cause your microbiome to become out of balance.

Juice Beauty has been pioneering revolutionary formulas for high efficacy skincare made with organic ingredients. We are now unveiling our latest collection PREBIOTIX™ for organic beauty inside & out. The Prebiotix collection focuses on matching the potent antioxidants found in topical skincare and in a beauty ingestible for fighting free radicals as well as helping to balance the skin’s microbiome with high-performance prebiotic and probiotic ingredients. The result? A beautifully smooth & luminous complexion.

The collection will initially release with two products: Antioxidant Beauty Boost  dietary supplement and the patent-pending Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, applied topically to the skin. The new collection combines Founder Karen Behnke’s passion for the wellness organic approach for skin health: effective antioxidant-rich topical skincare with a healthy & tasty ingestible beauty supplement powder.

“The Prebiotix Collection has been a labor of love for myself and the product development team. We approach skincare from a wellness point of view, so creating an ingestible beauty boost was a natural next move for us. Now you’ll not only have access to Juice Beauty’s high efficacy and authentically organic skincare & makeup products, but with the beauty boost supplement, our customers can now literally feed their skin, for an overall healthy complexion from the inside out. I know I will be drinking the supplement in my organic coconut milk every day!”, Karen Behnke.

Shop the collection:

Prebiotix gel

PREBIOTIX Gel Moisturizer
$ 52.00



PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost
$ 35.00