MV Organic Skincare Event: July 22nd - Credo

MV Organic Skincare Event: July 22nd

Posted on July 17 2015

Get ready for sensitive skin therapy...

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55% of women say they have some form of skin sensitivity. Let celebrity facialist and sensitive skin guru Sharon McGlinchey, creator of Aussie brand MV Organic Skincare, help you heal yours at Credo Beauty-San Francisco on July 22nd.

Recognized as medicine for the skin, MV Organic Skincare earned its loyal following by creating effective and uncomplicated products that deliver exceptional results and health benefits to people for whom no other product works.

Book your personal 1-on-1 consultation with Sharon McGlinchey at Credo Beauty Wednesday, July 22nd between 11am-3pm for tips and products that address your specific skin type and condition. Reserve your spot at (415) 885-1800.

MV soothes skin overstimulated by complicated products and procedures through the use of simple, nourishing routines and versatile products made from pure essential oils and organic ingredients approved by naturopaths and doctors of environmental medicine.

Interested in Sharon's top two tips for troubled skin?

Tip #1. Keep It Simple with 2 products or less

Here's How:
Begin with MV's Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser; used as a base cream and a primer, this lush rose-scented moisturiser can then be combined the following ways...

For Combination & Oily Skin
Create a light lotion by combining a few spritzes of Rose Hydrating Mist with half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

For Very Dry, Flaky & Easily Irritated Skin (and for eczema)
Blend a few drops of Daily Soother Booster with half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

For Dehydrated, Fragile & Hormonal Skin (and for rosacea)
Blend a few drops of Rose Plus Booster with half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

Try this regimen for 4-6 weeks while eating a diet of digestive-supportive foods rich in essential fatty acids to create healthy skin cells that absorb nutrients and retain moisture. Skin's cycle of cell turnover is about one month, so stick with this regimen without adding new products to your routine.

Tip #2. Keep It Simpler with 1 product for any condition

MV Pure Jojoba is a multi-purpose product for young, acne prone, oily skin as well as mature, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin - including for eczema and rosacea. Because jojoba is so similar to the skin's own oil, it balances virtually every skin type and condition.

Experience it for yourself July 22nd at Credo Beauty San Francisco. And read more of Sharon's best skin advice here


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