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Upgrade to a Cleaner Cleanser

Posted on August 13 2015

What’s in your cleanser?

These market leaders contain propylene glycol. What the dish on this dirty ingredient? Our friends at MV Organic Skincare offer the following research:

“Propylene Glycol is a petroleum plastic. The EPA considers PG so toxic it requires gloves, clothing, goggles and disposal by burying. EPA warns against skin contact to prevent brain, liver and kidney abnormalities. Propylene glycol ethers are eye irritants, have dangerous reproductive effects and are ingestible poisons. They are easily absorbed into the skin and have been suspected of causing liver and kidney abnormalities. Propylene glycol ether has also been noted as an experimental carcinogen in animal tests.”

If you need a cleanser for sensitive skin, forgo the risks of petroleum plastic and try any of the following soothing, clean cleansers:

1.Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser
2.Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser
3.S5 Neutralise Cleanser
4.MV Gentle Cream Cleanser


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