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Find Wellness Through Your Beauty Routine

Posted on September 11 2015

de Mamiel is about more than just beauty...

Few brands are still handmade by their founder. For Annee de Mamiel, it’s the only way to formulate products that will impact the physical, cellular, and emotional levels.

Annee travels the world to go beyond organic and beyond skincare. Her mission? Purity. Potency. Precision. 

She sources just the right lavender for her anti-inflammatory products, visiting lavender in France, England, and Bulgaria, before settling on lavender from New Zealand for its particularly high concentration of the anti-inflammatory constituents.

The same care is taken in blending. Drawing on her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Annee still blends the old-fashioned way: slowly. Ingredients are put together like perfume, with base notes, heart notes, and top notes sitting for 2 months before using. Like a fine wine, botanical oils have personalities that need time to develop and marry with their counterparts.

All of this intention boils down to one very important purpose: we need time to create emotional change. In a world where we accumulate stressors all day every day as we move throughout our day, the end-of-day beauty ritual is an opportunity to leave behind everything that is not us. Only in ridding ourselves of chronic stress can we discover who we truly are.

Your beauty ritual can be a daily reminder to slow down, breathe, and take time to nurture and nourish yourself; and as Annee de Mamiel says, “know that while everything else in your life is going on, you are the most important at this moment.”

Discover how to bring more mindfulness, ritual, and stillness into your life through your beauty practice. Join us for two special events with Annee de Mamiel, natural beauty founder, acupuncturist, aromatherapist.

Thursday Evening, September 17th
DIY Facial Massage

...because it’s not just what’s in your products; it’s about how you apply them.
The de Mamiel facial massage is a process that focuses on the inhalation of essential oils to release stress and feed your soul while feeding your skin. Sign up for one of these complimentary workshops with Annee de Mamiel:

Friday Daytime, September 18th
Customized Skin Consultations

Your skin has needs, and those needs change with the seasons. The winter season is about deep rest and replenishment, and in autumn we prepare by releasing, clearing, and preparing so our bodies are better able to gathering potential for the emergent spring. Drawing on cycles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Annee de Mamiel shows you what your skin and your life need now during a complimentary one-on-one skin consultation.
20 min appts from
11:00am through 1:50pm

Call to reserve: 415.885.1800
Space is limited
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