Book Signing & DIY Beauty Bar with Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics - Credo
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Book Signing & DIY Beauty Bar with Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics

Posted on September 29 2015

Join us Thursday, October 8th from 5pm - 7pm at Credo in San Francisco to meet Adina Grigore. Get a signed copy of Adina’s new book Skin Cleanse, a mini skin consultation, and visit our DIY Beauty Bar to create a 5-ingredient-or-less bath product to take home, inspired by S.W. Basics recipes for sensitive skin.

Call (415) 885-1800 to reserve your space with a $30 deposit, 100% redeemable for purchases at Credo.

The Story of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn

It’s all about the ingredients...

What if you used beauty products made only from ingredients you knew were good enough to eat?

This very question revolutionized Adina Grigore’s skin and became the platform for her award-winning line, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn.

A nutritionist by training, Adina studied the healing properties of food as a way to combat sensitivities, both digestive and skin.

In her practice, Adina was aware of how much time she and her clients spent talking about what they put in their bodies and how little time was spent on what they put on their bodies.

Meanwhile, struggling herself with chronic skin issues, Adina challenged herself to stop using all store-bought products. The relief was immediate. So she went to her kitchen pantry with the intention to create a bath and beauty routine from products she knew were good to eat.

When her redness and irritation cleared completely, her kitchen beauty experiments made their way into her counseling room, and Adina’s nutrition clients couldn’t get enough of her homemade skincare formulations as supplements for healthier bodies. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn was born.

Built on a philosophy of 5 ingredients or less, SW Basics has helped thousands of people identify which ingredients they react to and which ingredients help their skin heal and glow.

With the launch of Adina’s book, Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin, now you can create bath and beauty products without preservatives or irritants and finally give your skin the freedom - and the food - it needs.

Totally Clean. Super Good