Special Event: Meet the Founders of YUNI - Credo

Special Event: Meet the Founders of YUNI

Posted on January 05 2016

Discover the Intersection of Beauty and Yoga

Join Credo and YUNI for tips, tricks, and tools that give you more time to practice and the ability to be more present to the goodness of yoga in all moments of your life.

Enjoy a special gift with purchase of $50 or more: YUNI’s #1 selling Instant Shower Sheets (while supplies last).

Thursday, January 14th
3:30pm - 5:30pm

2136 Fillmore Street
San Francisco
(415) 885-1800

Imagine you could…
- practice yoga more frequently
- prolong the the benefits of your practice
- recall savasana at will
You can. And YUNI will show you how.

Like beauty, yoga is a personal ritual. YUNI has created a system where these two rituals reinforce one another, a system built around unique products that solve real issues for yogis and active health seekers.

Save time and refresh quickly with waterless cleansing and a heat-activated hair product that works while you work out.

Recoup faster with botanicals like neem and arnica used before and after your workout to prevent fatigue, reduce soreness, and bring fast relief to your body.

With the benefits from aromatherapy, you can train your brain to reconnect with the sensation of "restful awakeness" that we experience after a good workout.

Prices range between $12-$39, making YUNI products easy to try and fall in love with.

Meet Emmanuel Rey and Suzanne Dawson, founders of YUNI, get your active lifestyle questions answered, and find new ways to be the best version of yourself anytime you want to be.



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