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Founder 1 on 1 - Cary Caster, 21 Drops

Posted on September 29 2016

Cary Caster, Founder of 21 Drops

We were fortunate to grab a moment with Cary Caster, founder of 21 Drops, to talk about her path into essential oils and how these magical blends can help solve every aches and pains. 

Cary Caster Founder of 21 Drops

How did you get started? What was your inspiration to starting 21 Drops?

As an Ethno botanist, I have been studying and using plant based alternative medicine and essential oils for over 30 years. I raised my 3 children with only natural solutions and had my own massage practice where I incorporated these oils with so many positive results. I was always surprised more people weren’t on board! When I felt essential oils were becoming more familiar to a larger audience, I found the products that were on the market 6 years ago didn’t offer the utmost quality that I was used to, especially having sourced my oils directly from different distillers across the globe for my own practice.

I wanted to create a brand with simple essential oil solutions that were easy for the consumer to understand and also find appealing to use. That’s why our blends are safely diluted and packaged in a convenient rollerball packaging solution.

De-stress 21 Drops Essential Oils 

How did you choose to develop each blend? Do they have special meanings behind them? 

Each 21 Drops® blend is a combination of 3-5 essential oils in an organic jojoba carrier oil that were selected for their chemical components and how they effect the body, mind and emotions. These combinations have a synergistic effect because they work in unison on various aspects of one problem. A perfect example is our De-Stress blend: Frankincense helps to quiet the mind chatter, German Chamomile is an antispasmodic and works on tension, Lavender is calming for the nervous system, and Ylang Ylang is a wonderful, sensual oil that helps to settle the nerves and a racing heart. These 4 oils work in synergy to bring our “fight or Flight” response into balance and help to manage stressful conditions.

While each oil within each blend is selected for it’s active properties, there are also the principles of The 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine which takes into account the energetics of the blends as well. We also added meaning to the numbers assigned for each blend according to various numerological systems.

21 Drops

Can you layer essential oils together?

Yes, one can layer essential oils together and you can also layer the blends together. Once again, you can have a synergistic effect of multiple oils working together to address numerous indications.

21 Drops Essential Oils Detox

If you could pick one essential oils to use everyday, which one would you choose? 

If I were to have to choose just one blend from our 21 Drops® collection, I would choose #04 DETOX. I love the way it smells and in addition, it helps to cleanse the body. Everyday our bodies have to work hard to detoxify the pollutants and toxins from our environment no matter how careful we are. Each oil in the Detox blend helps support the different detoxifying systems of the body. Cardamom EO aids the digestive track and is an overall tonic for the body, Lavender EO works on the nerves and immune system, Geranium EO is nourishing to the lymphatic system and Juniper EO has an affinity to support the kidney and bladder. This blend is also wonderful when you indulge a bit too much with drinking spirits, so that’s another benefit!

San Francisco- Join us on Saturday, October 1st.  21 Drops is hosting an Essential Oils 101 Class on Fillmore.


Thank you Cary! 


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