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Lash Out with the Best Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

Posted on August 16 2016

Plume Credo Beauty

Looking for thicker and longer lashes without having to spend hundreds of dollars, waste loads of time, or put chemicals near your eyes? Plume, is the first natural lash and brow enhancer with proven results. In a matter of 8 to 12 weeks, you'll see improvement. Let's just say if you start using it now and you'll be skipping mascara by Thanksgiving.

With the combination of the founder's passion and genius formulator, we bring you Plume. Happiness guaranteed.

How did Plume get started?

After the birth of her first child, Plume Founder, Lauren Bilon, suffered from significant hair and eyelash loss. After turning to a pharmaceutical product as a solution, Lauren experienced serious side effects, including discolored eyelids, burning skin and blurred vision. With no safe and natural options available, Lauren worked continuously to make her vision come to life: to develop a highly effective product that enhances lashes and brows without sacrificing safety.

Through extensive research, Lauren was able to unearth safe, all-natural and beneficial ingredients, achieving dramatic eyelash and brow growth. However, many of the ingredients were hard to find, required refrigeration, perished quickly or refused to bond. Lauren partnered with leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator Irene Schnell, a certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science. Irene transformed Lauren’s carefully curated ingredients into an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe and effective formula.

Brett and Lauren

Why is it so important that Plume is made out of natural ingredients?

Since the serum is applied near the sensitive area of the eye, it is essential that there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients which can cause irritation and sensitivity. We feel that all women deserve to have fabulous, long lashes, and with Plume’s all-natural formula, there are no limitations as to who can use our serum - it is safe for pregnant and nursing women, contact lens wearers, eyelash extension users, and women undergoing chemotherapy. The formula is so gentle it can even be used on lower lashes. It can even be used on men’s beards!

How do the ingredients help grow the hairs?

Plume’s patent-pending plant-derived formula has a three-part-effect on the appearance of your lashes and brows:


Extends the anagen (growth) phase of the lash cycle and shortens the telogen (late-resting/falling out) phase to regenerate new lashes quicker.


Increases and locks in keratin, moisture, and key nutrients to strengthen lashes as they grow.


Antioxidants protect delicate hairs from environmental harm.

How does the serum work? When can you expect to see results?

Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum's botanical actives strengthen and condition the hair follicles of your lashes and brows, allowing them to reach their maximum fullness without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.  While it is not uncommon for Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum users to see results in less than 4 weeks, we recommend allowing 8 to 12 weeks for Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum to deliver maximum results.

Plume Before and After Lashes

Plume Before and After 2


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